The graph shows how much moves the baricenter of the solar System

If we express the motion of the baricenter of the solar system in solar rays we would notice that in July 2003 the distance is equal to 1, or rather the baricenter is on the surface of the Sun. In October 2004 is had a minimum 0.924, still 1 in September 2006, in September a maximum to 1.078, in April 2010 again 1, in November 2013 a new minimum 0.531, in July 2016 still 1, a big maximum in February 2022 to 1.982, and a big minimum in January 2030 to 0.133. The theoretical maximum is 2.26, that real 2.17, but it is impossible that all the planets are contemporarily lined up and to the aphelium.

In solar rays