As well known because of the precession the terrestrial axle stirs of around 50.27" every year, moving the line of the equinoxes of a degree each 71.6 years, or rather it completes a complete turn in about 25800 years. Accordingly what we call Gamma Point, or Point of Aries, it is not fixed in that constellation, but it slowly stirs changing constellation. The chart that follows shows the position of the various points of the equinoxes and the solstices during the centuries.

Spring equinox

From Gemini to Taurus      -4540
From Taurus to Aries       -1865
From Aries to Pisces         -67
From Pisces to Aquarius     2597
From Aquarius to Capricornus 4312

Nota : in the 1489 was at only 10' from Cetus

Autumn equinox

From Sagittarius to Ophiuchus -4260
From Ophiuchus to Scorpius  -2900
From Scorpius to Libra      -2270
From Libra to Virgo          -729
From Virgo to Leo            2439
From Leo to Cancer           4980

Winter solstice

From Pisces to Aquarius       -3960
From Aquarius to Capricornus  -2140
From Capricornus to Sagittarius -130
From Sagittarius to Ophiuchus 2269
From Ophiuchus to Scorpius    3597

Summer solstice

From Veirgo to Leo          -4070
From Leo to Cancer          -1498
From Cancer to Gemini         -10
From Gemini to Taurus        1989
From Taurus to Aries         4609

Effects of the precession to 5500 Effects of the precession to 4000 (long trailer)