This month will happen the last 2 quadruple phenomena of the year on Jupiter, the double transit of satellites and the double transit of the shadows on the planet. The first event, on October 24, with Ganymede and Io in transit with the shadows from 14.36 UT to 15.44 UT. The second event will involve the same satellites the day 31 from 17h49m10s UT to 18h22m48s UT. In practice the phenomenon is the sum of 2 events: considering the day 31 will be the double transit of the satellites from 17.48 to 18.23 while the double transit of the shadows from 17.49 to 18.28 UT. A good occasion considering that on day 29 Jupiter will be in opposition and that this year is at perihelium.

24 october 14.36 UT

24 october 15.44 UT

31 october 17.49 UT

31 october 18.23 Ut