This program (in English) calculates the effects of the fall of an asteroid or a comet on the Earth.
Are described the consequences on the people, on the buildings and on the territory in the proximities of the impact, as for example the wave of bump, the rain of deposits, the seismic wave, the thermal wave, etc.

Needed only 6 inputs:
  • Diameter of the body
  • Density of the body
  • Velocity of the body in atmosphere
  • Angle of fall
  • The distance from the impact point
  • The type of ground
Vary suggestions however they will help the calculation and it will not come demanded no acquaintance of the complex physical laws that describe the phenomenon. They will be calculated:
  • The energy of the impact
  • The recurrence of the event, the medium time that elapses between two phenomena
  • Dynamics of fall of the body and if it is fragmented or less in atmosphere
  • The effects to planetary level, on the periods of land spin, the movement of the land axis, and on the variation of the orbit
  • The diameter and the depth of the transitory crater and that end and the type
  • The created debris volume
  • The effects of the thermal radiation, the dimension of the developed fire ball, the duration of the thermal wave, the flow
  • The sismici effects second the scale Richter and Mercalli, damages, and the speed of the sismica wave
  • The effects of the shock wave of detritus, and its dynamics
  • The effects of the sonorous wave, the speed, the intensity, the damages and the dangers


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