In order to calculate the date, the hour and the distance of the perigees and lunar apogees for a data year,input the year in the below box and to press "Calculates". This page requires Javascript.


Perigea and apogea

New moon anf full moon

Perigea and apogea

All the dates and timetables are in T.U. For every perigee and apogee it comes calculated the distance in km between the centers of Moon and Earth. Regarding the precise calculations of theory ELP the 2000-82 the error is inferior to 12 km for the perigees and 6 km for the apogees.

The tighter perigees and the more distant apogees of the year are mark to you with "++" if more neighbors like timetable to the full Moon or with "--" if more neighbors to the new Moon. The other next apogees and apogees to the maximums are mark to you from a single one "+" or "-" with the nearer phase. It is indicated also the time between the moment of the perigee or the apogee and the nearest new or full phase. "F" indicates that the perigee or the apogee is next to the Full Moon, "N" to the new Moon. The sign "-" or "+" indicate before if or after such phase, with the interval in days and hours.

Lunar phases

This table supplies the times of all the lune new and full in the indicated year.


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