The softwares are freeware, shareware or demo. Any responsibility is not assumed for their Download, operation and use. The list includes about 1000 programs and it is updated and periodically completed. All the Download are free, but the free being doesn't guarantee some right on the ownership


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3D Solar System Download Description: A rolling 3D solar system with all the planets and some big moons orbit.

AstroFly Download Description: The main purpose is to present the three-dimensional models of our neighborhood in our own Milky Way Galaxy on a personal computer. The 3D models are based on the remarkable Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues.

Celestia Download Description: Celestia is a free real-time space simulation that lets you experience our universe in three dimensions. Unlike most planetarium software, Celestia doesn't confine you to the surface of the Earth. You can travel throughout the solar system, to any of over 100,000 stars, or even beyond the galaxy. All travel in Celestia is seamless; the exponential zoom feature lets you explore space across a huge range of scales, from galaxy clusters down to spacecraft only a few meters across.

Copernic Download Description: A real-time simulator of the Solar System and its surroundings written under the OpenGL environment using C/C++. It offers the posibility to view satellites, planets, asteroids, comets, centaurs, transneptunian objects, 400 stars, most of the nebulas and clusters around our Sun on a 7000 l.y range. It also displays all the Messier objects, 750 transneptunians, 10 000 asteroids, 300 comets, 100 centaurs.

GeoPlayer Mars Demo Download Description: The GeoPlayer Mars program allows you to explore the Red Planet in 3D from outer space to rocks on the Martian surface or fly through valleys and over craters on desktop PCs and laptop computers. This program was created with and is a demonstration of the GeoMatrix® Toolkit technology by GeoFusion, Inc.

GrandTour Download Description: GRANDTOUR can simulate space as seen from the Voyager and Giotto spacecraft. In addition, GRANDTOUR can generate scenes from arbitrary points in space or the Earth, with the spacecraft visible to the observer. The planet, moons, and rings of interest (or comet, nucleus, and tail), stars, the sun, and the spacecraft are all accurately drawn with wireframe representations. Hidden line removal is done for the body surfaces.

Gravity3D Download Description: Gravity3D simulates galaxy collisions using the gravity equation F=G*M1*M2/R^2 It displays hundreds of thousands of stars in realtime using OpenGL. Various parameters can be changed including the number of galaxies and stars.

iS3 (Windows) Download Description: The iS3 application talks to NASA's web servers over the internet and uses their 'NASA Solar System Simulator' to return an image of any planet or moon as seen from any other planet (or some man made objects) at any given time along with some other options such as constellation lines and planet orbits.

ISS VRM Simulator Download Description: A Virtual Reality Simulator for the International Space Station.

Lunar Globe, the Virtual Museum of Lunar Vehicles Download Description: Lets you interactively survey the lunar sphere, lunar formations and other objects without an astronomical telescope. "Interactively" means you can select objects to survey, control position of a virtual point of view and field of vision. You may explore the interactive map of lunar craters, with help of a Lunar Globe's dynamical interface.

Mars Explorer, Mars3D, Venus3D & Earth 3D Download Description: Mars Explorer allows you to fly at thousands of km/h or drive at 50km/h over an accurately rendered Martian landscape covering an area of 1000kmx1000km. The surface is drawn to scale using altimetry data from NASA's MGS satellite. The program is available in two versions: with the Labyrinthus Noctis map (LN) & with the Melas Chasma map (MC)

OpenGalaxy Download Description: OpenGalaxy is an interactive sky explorer showing 2,500,000 stars. Take a dive into the milkyway to stars up to magnitude 14 .

Orbiter Download Description: ORBITER is a realistic space simulation using proper physics for the modelling of planetary motion, gravitational fields, free space and atmospheric flight etc.

Partiview Download Description: Partiview (Particle View) is a program that visualizes and animates three dimensional particle data. Within Partiview, you have the ability to navigate through 3-D data, as if you're "flying." Partiview is not limited to particle data; it can display 2-D images as well as multiple 2-D polygons that can be built into 3-D surfaces.

Planet Engine Download Description: Planet Engine is a 3D real-time planet renderer. It allows you to fly over the surface of planets and also to see them from space.

Sky3D Download Description: This program aims to take you in a 3D tour of our galactic neighborhood. The user sets its own way, simultaneously being presented with information on the features of the stars he is observing.

SkyServer Galaxy Explorer Download Description: This tool enables an interactive, video game-like fly through of the 3D galaxy distribution in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.

StarStrider Download Description: A photorealistic real-time 3D planetarium and 'virtual star ship'

World Wind Download Description: World Wind lets you zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth. Leveraging Landsat satellite imagery and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data, World Wind lets you experience Earth terrain in visually rich 3D, just as if you were really there.

Deep Space Download Description: Deep Space is a full-featured observerving guide: a tool for advanced observers. It generates publication quality star maps, designed for clarity and low distortion. It serves as an almanac, an ephemeris, finder charts for planets, comets, and asteroids, a star atlas, an annotated deep sky reference, an observing log, a telescope controller and much more.

EarthBrowser Download Description: EarthBrowser's dynamic 3-D model of the Earth can be viewed from almost any angle. You can rotate the globe in any direction, get close-up views of geographic regions, or zoom out to view the entire Earth from space.

EarthWatch Download Description: displays in real time a striking dynamic map of the world showing day & night areas, sunrise & sunset times for any selectable world location, present time in any of the world time zones, date on either side of the International Date Line, Lat/Long of major cities (mouse selectable), position, age, & phase of the moon, position of sun on the analemma, and more.

Hitchhiker 2000 Download Description: Astronomy Simulation Software for Linux and UNIX Hitchhiker 2000 is an astronomical simulation and visualization program; a digital orrery.

Redshift Download Description: an advanced astronomy simulator which allows users to view the universe from any point in the solar system and at any point in time between 4,000 BC and 10,000 AD. RedShift features an extensive catalogue of over 300,000 stars and deep sky objects.

Sky 3D Download Description: the sky in 3D.

Sky View Cafè Download Description: is a Java applet that lets you use your web browser to see many types of astronomical information, in both graphical and numerical form.

Solar Kingdom Download Description: you fly around the solar system, in full 3D.

Universe Image Creator Download Description: Create realistic images of deep space. First, create your star field and then add nebula, stars, vortex, lens flares, planets, and galaxies.

Voyager III Download Description: Voyager III offers exciting new ways to experience the wonders of the night sky.

EarthDesk Download Description: real time rendered Earth desktop with sunight, moonlight and clouds.

Eagle Lander 3D Download Description: simulation of the Apollo lunar landings and includes accurate renditions of scenery, flight dynamics and the lunar module.

Leaving the Cradle Download Description: the fly of Apollo.

MPL3D Solar System Download Description: Explore the solar sytem and the extrasolar objects in a 3D interactive simulation of the close universe.

Mars MOLA Viewer Download Description: View the actual terrain of Mars, at any point on the surface, as a fly-through real-time 3D rendering.

Polygon Worlds Download Description: software that lets you explore Mars and watch galaxies collide.

RSI New Moon Download Description: educational software. 3D views of the Moon's phases, the Solar System, and more.

StellaNavigator Download Description: Astronomy Simulation Software.

The Free Virtual Download Description: Galaxy Project a free 3-D virtual space program based upon data obtained from NASA's ADC.

TheSky Pocket Edition Download Description: Graphical astronomy program that turns your personal computer into a personal planetarium.

Uniview Download Description: Uniview is a realtime 3D computer graphics platform for astronomy- and Earth-based sciences, used by leading planetariums.

VRMars-Spirit - The Red Planet Mars 3D Download Description: Virtual Reality Astronomy Software presenting the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit Mission.

Where is M13 Download Description: displays the 3-D positions of deep sky objects within and around the Galaxy.

Sunlit Earth Widget Download Description: displays the sunlit part of the Earth as will as the city lights from dark side.

NiteMapper Pro Download Description: day/night boundaries on maps.

N-body Download Description: direct N-body algorithms.

Barnes & Hut Treecode Algorithm Download Description: a guide to a tree code algorithm implementation, used for astronomical N-body simulations.

Navigator Light Download Description: celestial navigation software with star finder, vector chart and GPS interface.

Copernic space simulator Download Description: navigate through the solar system neighbourhood at different times in past or future, and to see the sky in a stereographic projection.

3D Solar System Simulator Download Description: A Java applet that shows an interactive 3D representation of the planets and satellites of the solar system.

Gravel Download Description: models the interaction between bodies in space according to Newtonian physics.

Solar System Applet Download Description: 3-d solar system applet can be rotated and zoomed with the mouse. Below it are links to other online gravity simulators and resources for building solar system simulations.

Space simulator and 3d engine tutorials Download Description: Space simulators reviews and tutorials to program a 3d engine for a space sim.

SpaceWander Virtual Space Trip Download Description: multimedia tour of the Universe features real space pictures from NASA.

Starlab Download Description: or simulating the evolution of dense stellar systems and analyzing the resultant data. It is a collection of loosely coupled programs.

DobJay Download Description: a Java applet that shows you the real-time location of any solar system, Messier, Caldwell or NGC object in azimuth and altitiude.

VRML Simulator Download Description: The simulator allows the appearance of the ISS (or in fact any satellite ) to be predicted as it will be seen from any point on Earth at a particular time.

Colliding Galaxies Download Description: software to simulate interacting galaxies.

J3D - Solar System Simulator Download Description: a 3D simulation of the solar system which should run on all platforms/OS with an installed Java Virtual Machine. The Sun, the planets and their moons along with the most well known periodic comets are contemplated.

Orbit Visualization Tool (OVT) Download Description: Java based software designed for interactive 3D visualization of satellite orbits in the terrestrial magnetosphere.

Java Solar System Simulator Download Description: a Java program which simulates the apparent sight of any planet for any given location and time (from 1900 to 2100 AC) and also shows their satellites.

Maestro Download Description: software tool used by NASA scientists to operate the Mars Exploration Rovers. Anyone can download Maestro for free and use it to follow along with the rovers' progress during the mission.

Mars24 Download Description: is a cross-platform Java application and applet which displays a Mars "sunclock", a graphical representation of Mars showing the current sun- and nightsides of Mars, along with a numerical readout of the time in 24-hour format.

OrbitViewer Download Description: is an interactive JAVA applet that displays the orbit of small bodies (comets or asteroids) in the solar system in 3D. The orbit may be played forwards or backwards like a movie.

Skyviewer Download Description: display HEALPix-based skymaps, saved in FITS format files. The loaded skymaps can be viewed either on a 3D sphere or as a Mollweide projection. In either case, realtime panning and zooming are supported, along with rotations for the 3D sphere view, assuming you have a strong enough graphics card.

Planets 3D Download Description: show a simulation of our solar system. The focus lies on a nice graphic (3D OpenGL) and the possibility to modify the objects of the solar system to see what happens. It takes screenshots,loads and saves solar systems; modifys solarsystem.

Seeker Download Description: it is a application that provides an immersive three dimensional simulation of our solar system. Experience simulated "space flight" and explore the Sun, planets, moons, comets, asteroids, interplanetary spacecraft and earth-orbiting satellites with stunning realism.

Gravilux Download Description: advertised as a game, this program is interesting as it uses the n-body equations to simulate a galaxy merger, for iPhone/iPod/iPad.


ACP - Astronomer's Control Software Download Description: Package for integrating observatory instruments into a unified system. The design goal is to hide all the details if acquiring images.

Astra Image Download Description: A powerful image processing solution featuring maximum entropy and Lucy-Richardson deconvolution, polynomial and FFT correlation image registration, advanced scaling, adaptive filtering, photometry, homomorphic filtering, calibration and multiple image combining and more.

Astro-Snap Download Description: Astro-Snap allows you to take astronomical pictures at low cost with a webcam.

AstroAlign Download Description: Software program for unconventional image processing of astronomical and other images.

AstroCap 3 Download Description: Capture software for VfW or WDM compatible webcams or frame grabbers.

Astroimagine Calculator Download Description: Little application to calculate the F/D (Focal Length/Aperture) ratio and resolving power of your telescope as well as the field of view and size per pixel covered by your CCD camera. It is also capable of calculating the effective focal ratio - useful for planetary astrophotography purposes.

Astrometrica Download Description: Astrometrica is a interactive software tool for scientific grade astrometric data reduction of CCD images.

Astromix Download Description: Application to process captured CCD images, AVI files and make the handling of your CCD operations a breeze.

AstroStack 3 LE (Windows/Java) Download Description: AstroStack 3 LE is an advanced freeware image stacking program.

AstroVideo Download Description: AstroVideo helps you to do astro imaging with a webcam or a video capture device.

AstroZip Download Description: A small, but useful and flexible utility to simplify the task of creating zip files for large volumes of AVI files, thus making it easier to store the raw data of astro images acquired with webcams.

AudeLA Download Description: Offers advanced image processing and acquisition functions . Its originality lies in the fact that it is entirely reprogrammable using simple scripts.

Automapper II Download Description: Automapper works with TheSky, CCDSoft, and TPoint to automate the process of mapping points. “Mapping points” refers to the process of moving the telescope around the sky and measuring how far off your pointing is. TPoint uses this information to build a model of your telescope’s pointing errors. TPoint and TheSky then work together to correct for pointing errors.

Avi2BMP Download Description: Avi2BMP is suited for planetary image composition.

AviRaw Download Description: AviRaw allows opening of an AVI and:

AVIS - FITS viewer Download Description: Opens FITS files and supports multiple file opening and drag & drop from Explorer and other Windows shells; imports CCD files: like SBIG ST8, ST7, ST6, ST5, ST4, Starlight, Hisis, Pixcell and others. Imports greytones TIFF and TGA files; saves FITS and allows easy and fast modifications of the FITS Header; exports files: as TXT format, RAW, TIF, TGA, BMP and JPEG; supports WCS (World Coordinates System) and custom palettes.

BifsConv Download Description: This software is a to-FITS (fit) image converter; it accepts images in various formats like: bmp, imq, st4, stx, ima, cpa, pic, tif, tiff, nef, gif, mx5, hx5 (660x500), xl8 (510x500), sxl (510x512), dat, pcx, per, dib, arn, blu, bb1, bb2, bb3, bb4, grn, irq, ibg, img, ir1, ir2, ir3, n07, n15, pds, red, ihw sgr, sur, sun, vio, cpt, gls, fts, fits, ftz, at1, 08b, raw, sbi, st5, st6, st7, st8, st9, 237, imi, ccd, tga, pnm, ppm, pbm, pgm, ras.

Blink Comparator Download Description: Allows the viewing of several images in succession, for ease of "comparison". Its main use is the monitoring of the movement of objects like asteroids or comets.

Cadet Download Description: Image processing program, with special focus on astronomical image processing. It includes calibration, deconvolution (Maximum Entropy and Richardson-Lucy), Dr. Okano's Digital Development Process, colour combine, unsharp mask and many more!

Calculador Relación S/R Download Description: Using this little software it is possible to estimate the limit magnitude of each configuration by analyzing the different combinations of telescopes, cameras, filters and exposure times along with the sky quality and the target object.

Calibration Groups for MaxIm DL 3 Download Description: With CalGroups software, you can create a calibration group with bias/flat/dark frames, and save it by name. You can recall the group any time you need it, make changes to it, etc.

Callipygian 3D Download Description: Photo Editing Software. A fast, easy way to generate full-color anaglyph (red/cyan and other modes) images from a pair of stereo images, as well as Holmes stereo cards. The software automatically handles images of different sizes, and lets you quickly and easily select a region of interest, position the stereo window, adjust a screen-resolution representation, and generate a full-resolution image.

CCD Download Description: Based on your selection of CCD cameras, telescopes and camera lens (easily added or selected from lists including the most popular) it will calculate field of view, pixel coverage, effective focal lengths, focal ratio, size of chip, approximate size of object on the chip etc...

CCD Commander Download Description: CCD Commander will control your CCD camera exposures, your mount movement, and your focuser to completely automate your night's imaging. CCD Commander allows unlimited combinations of these different actions to give you full control of your telescope and camera.

CCDAutoPilot Download Description: An application which uses your camera control program, and optionally your telescope control and focuser control programs to automate many of the key steps to permit unattended data acquisition for a single target. Once properly set up for a night’s activity, you can go off and do other things.

CCDCalc Download Description: the full version is available for free

CCDExposure Download Description: CCDExposure is an application intended to assist beginning CCD users in determining exposure times.

Circe Download Description: Program for positional astronomy of Minor planets and comets; it offers all necessary tools to get precise measurements out of CCD pictures.

Dead Pixel Test Download Description: This free utility enables you to easily test your digital camera for dead and hot pixels.

DeBloomer for MaxIm DL 3 and CCDSoft v5 Download Description: DeBloomer is a plug-in that does very smooth, accurate deblooming.

DeepSkyStacker Download Description: DeepSkyStacker is a freeware for astrophotographers that simplifies all the pre-processing steps of deep sky pictures and is specialized in RAW files from DSLRs.

Desire Download Description: A simple image acquisition program which also supports auto-guiding and self-guiding.

DSLR Timer Download Description: DSLR Timer is a DSLR interval timer using the parallel port or serial port of your notepad or PC.

FaciRap Download Description: FaciRap allows, during observations, to easily take detailed notes of the parameters used while acquiring pictures (weather conditions felt, instruments and software used, webcam configuration etc, etc...)

Field of View Calculator Download Description: Calculate field of view in degrees for Cameras and CCDs.

FITS Liberator (Windows) Download Description: A free software plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that makes a treasure trove of archival astronomical images and spectra from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope, the European Space Agency’s XMM-Newton X-ray observatory, NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope and many other famous telescopes accessible to home astronomy enthusiasts..

Fits4Win Download Description: A Windows Suite for viewing and inspecting FITS files from Explorer. Fits4Win supports 8, 16 and 32-bit integer and floating-point, mono and RGB FITS files under Windows 2000, XP and 98.

FITSBrowser Download Description: This program browses files in FITS-Format for quick view.

FitsPlug Download Description: FITS plugin for Adobe Photoshop V5+ for Windows. FITS is a file format originally defined by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) to store and interchange astronomical data between scientific organizations;

FITSview Download Description: With easy to o use graphical controls, will display astronomical images in the Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) format allowing zooming, scrolling, modifying the brightness, contrast and pseudo color and allow determination of celestial positions and the physical brightness units in the image.

Fitswork Download Description: A program for the treatment of pictures, namely for astrophotographical purposes. Includes batch-processing, histogram function, different filters, uvm etc…

FitsX Download Description: FitsX is an astronomical image processing application that handles FITS images up to 32-bits as well as other common formats

FocusMax Download Description: FocusMax software uses a new auto focus algorithm that we developed specifically for amateur astronomers.

GIOTTO Download Description: An image processing program that is particularly suitable and optimized for the treatment of mass pictures of video and multimedia streams.

Gradient Removal for MaxIm DL 3 and CCDSoft v5 Download Description: This is a plug-in that removes linear and radial gradients from CCD images.

GradientXTerminator Download Description: A gradient removal plug-in for Adobe Photoshop® that is fast, easy to use, and really works. It can process 16-bit or 8-bit images, grayscale or RGB color.

GuideDog Download Description: Standalone autoguiding for webcams.

Happix Download Description: An image processing software better suited for the post-treatment phase. Takes into account two image formats: Fit (16 bits) and BMP b/w (8 bits) and colour (24 bits).

Image Tool Download Description: Image processing and analysing software. Very complex. Highly recommendable.

ImageJ Download Description: Data Types: 8-bit grayscale or indexed color, 16-bit unsigned integer, 32-bit floating-point and 32-bit RGB color.

Imagen - CCDC Download Description: Imagen is image acquisition software for old Starlight Xpress CCD cameras.

ImagesPlus Download Description: Advanced image processing software, whose features include: image modeling; restoration; colour processing; calibration; local neighborhood functions (smoothing and noise reduction, filters etc...); point functions (histograms etc...); geometric transforms (flipping, rotating etc...); image display utilities; image editing and file operations;

iMerge Download Description: IMerge is a program which allows multiple images to be placed onto a large virtual 'canvas', and arranged to produce a single large composite image, or mosaic.

iPrep Download Description: iPrep is an interactive image preprocessor. It deals with the correction of common long exposure imaging defects, operating on a collection of source images and allowing the selection of a variety of pre-processing algorithms.

Iris Download Description: Iris offers numerous and powerful functions of image processing in the field of the digital astronomical images; and is particularly optimized to exploit the images that come from CCD cameras. Iris can load and save images in the formats FITS, PIC or BMP; and can read also the images of the Buil-Thouvenot Atlas, a CD-ROM which contains 4649 images of 6600 objects of the deep sky.

K3CCDTools Download Description: Software for capturing and processing astronomy pictures.

MaxIm DL Download Description: Provides complete integration of all observatory functions in a single package. Directly control your CCD camera, filter wheel, autoguider, telescope, and focuser.

Neat Image Download Description: Neat Image is a digital filter that reduces high ISO noise of image sensors (CMOS, CCD noise) — digital camera noise and scanner noise, high ASA film grain of scanned photos, JPEG artifacts of overcompressed digital images, color banding, and makes images sharper at the same time.

PEMPro Download Description: PEMPro gives you powerful tools to program your mounts periodic error correction firmware to achieve the best possible performance for your mount. PEMPro dramatically improves guided and unguided imaging resulting in better images and fewer lost exposures.

Picture Window Pro, Color Mechanic, Depth of Field and Scanning Resolution Calculators Download Description: Picture Window Pro is a complete, full featured advanced image editor. It gives you multiple ways to control tonality and color, including curves and histograms. Advanced cropping, sharpening, up sampling, perspective correction, cloning and many other tools to let you get the most out of your digital images.

PinPoint Astrometric Engine Download Description: An ASCOM engine that provides sensitive, robust, high-speed research-grade astrometric image processing for FITS files from any camera. A set of point-and-click tools for fast mass plate solving and survey-level asteroid and supernova hunting are included.

PixInsight LE Download Description: PixInsight Limited Edition (LE) is a freeware subset of the PixInsight project. It allows you to perform some basic image processing and is also an introductory preview to the full standard edition that will we available as a commercial product before the end of the year.

PlanetWarp Download Description: Of all the objects in the night sky the moon shows by far the greatest amount of detail through any telescope or imaging system.

QCFocus Download Description: Program geared towards the focusing of webcams. It can also acquire pictures in BMP or AVI formats. The visualization window can be enlarged to full screen. Check the documentation for further details.

QCV2 and DarkGen Download Description: QCV2 is used to capture images off of a QC Grayscale camera. Documentation may be found at QCUIAG.

RAWCap Download Description: RAWCap is a software for capturing images with the Philips ToUCam Pro 740K modified with the soft MOD.

RC-Astro Processing Console Download Description: This is a program that provides some new image processing functions to MaxIm.

RegiStar Download Description: RegiStar is an image alignment, or registration, program that was designed to work specifically with astronomical images.

Registax Download Description: Registax is a tool for alignment, stacking and processing of BMP or AVI image sequences.

RotAndStack Download Description: Meant to take several images and merge them. This process is used mainly on dark images to remove the noise level.

SAOImage DS9 (Windows) Download Description: SAOImage DS9 is an astronomical imaging and data visualization application.

SBIG Camera Control/Image Processing Software (Windows) Download Description: SBIG offers several software packages supporting its various cameras on the PC, Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Selene Download Description: Webcams video (AVI) and still images (BMP) capture program with a rather complete set of features: timer, sound warnings, clear indication of capture times, zoom until 3x to improve focusing, quick access to all camera configuration options, reticule over the preview image etc…

SGBNR Download Description: SGBNR stands for Selective Gaussian Blur Noise Reduction.

SigmaReject Plug-in for MaxImDL Download Description: This plug-in for MaxImDL 3.07 or later provides a different method for combining multiple images.

SkySight Download Description: Program for CCD camera control and astronomical image processing

StellaImage Download Description: Astronomical Image Processing Software Package.

Stellar Magic Download Description: Stellar Magic is a freeware image processing program for astronomical images in FITS and Windows bitmap format.

SumaFits Download Description: SumaFits automates the average or the linear sum of 16 bits per pixel Fits images.

Teleauto Download Description: Software able to perform the following tasks: automatical observation;

Vega Download Description: An image capture program that works with the 32bit Video for Windows Driver and, as such, should be capable of being used for most cameras.

VirtualDub Download Description: A video capture/processing utility streamlined for fast linear operations over video. It has batch-processing capabilities for processing large numbers of files and can be extended with third-party video filters. VirtualDub is mainly geared toward processing AVI files, although it can read (not write) MPEG-1 and also handle sets of BMP images.

Vision Pro Download Description: A dedicated software for image processing and control of DTA CCD cameras. Has a complete geometrical run: there are commands like duplicate, resize, rotate, dilate/contract, rescale, flip and many others; it is also available an image editor which allows to modify the single pixel.

WcRmac Download Description: Presented as an 'Easy' way to get RAW mod images out of Philips Webcams.

Yale Observatory iMAge Manipulation Application Download Description: The Yale Observatory iMAge Manipulation Application (yomama) is the a java tool for fits image manipulation and viewing.

Astrofoto Download Description: Calculates the adequate parameters for astrophotography exposures both by using the prime focus and eyepiece projection methods.

Astronomical Exposure Meter Download Description: Astrophotography parameters calculator.

AstroNomio Download Description: Integrated and well achieved set of useful programs for many purposes and calculations: astrophotography with a reflex camera, CCD, telescope optical parameters, sidereal time calculation, ephemerides etc…

AstroPhotography Exposure Calculator Download Description: Calculates exposures for pictures of celestial objects and the parameters of optical systems, especially the f-ratio, which is necessary for calculating exposures.

Calcphot Download Description: Calculates exposure times for lunar and planetary photography; calculates the performances of a given scope; helps evaluating the quality of an observation spot.

Eyepiece Projection Calculator Download Description: Calculate exposure times for eyepiece projection (afocal coupling) for various planets and lunar phases.

Utility Astrofotografiche Download Description: Set of four utilities.1) ST4-calc: CCD program; 2) FOCAL-calc: for photography with telescope; 3) ASTRO-calc: for solar system objects exposure calculations; 4) ECLIPSE-calc: for Sun photography.

Aberrator Download Description: generates star-testing images to show the effects of aberrations (distortions) influencing the quality of a telescopes performance.

AIP Download Description: is the full-featured image-processing software included on the CDROM in the back of The Handbook of Astronomical Image Processing.

AstroMB Download Description: is a powerful, fast and reliable way to manage your astronomical images and catalogs. It is especially useful for comparing astronomical images taken at different wavelengths, or at different times, and to match them with astronomical catalogs.

DSRL Focus Download Description: If you have a Canon D60, Canon 10D, 1D,1DS or EOS300D Rebel and have been doing any astro work, then you will already know how tough it is to get precise focus. Your job just got a whole lot easier.

JIMSAIP Astronomical Image Processing Download Description: JIMSAIP is a DOS program for processing the images of popular CCD cameras.

Prism Download Description: is a powerful and complete image processing/analysis, sky mapping, telescope and CCD camera control for Astronomical purposes.

SkyFoto Download Description: it will provide you with the correct exposure duration based on your selection of subject, optical system, film speed, and filter.

Astroart Download Description: Image processing of astronomical images.

AstroCalculator Download Description: Optical and Imaging calculator.

CCDOPS Download Description: SBIG CCD camera control software.

CCDSoft Download Description: CCD camera control functions and astronomical image processing functions.

Delphinus Download Description: designed to control Canon DSLR Cameras by Serial Port (RS-232).

Drift Scan Imaging Download Description: drift scan software for CCD cameras.

Focus Corrector Download Description: ActiveX image processing software, sharpens images.

IRAF Download Description: Data analysis.

Mira Download Description: Image Processing Software.

MicroObservatory Download Description: image processing program that works with FITS and GIF files.

PICTools Download Description: convert PIC image files, coming from IRIS.

PIXY Download Description: Automated astronomical image examination system.

Trefach Astronomy Centre Software Download Description: Network Telescope Control, Blink Comparator and slightly OT GPS Mapper.

Tria Image Processing Download Description: program enables fast and effective deconvolution and blind deconvolution, image math, and image registration. It provides faster processing, improved display, and unique image analysis tools.

AstroImageBrowser Download Description: Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) internet repository of astronomical images.

Astro IIDC Download Description: Astronomy oriented application developed from the ground up to make FireWire camera imaging easier on the Mac.

WebCCD Download Description: Produces an artificial image of a star field based on the selected catalog.

AIPS Download Description: Astronomical Image Processing System.

ESO-MIDAS Download Description: tools for image processing and data reduction.

MIIPS Download Description: Multipurpose Interactive Image Processing System does astronomical image analysis.

MIRIAD Download Description: toolbox with a large set of programs which perform individual tasks involving calibration, mapping, deconvolution and image analysis of interferometric data.

PV-WAVE Download Description: advanced visual data analysis software.

Voyager Image Display Download Description: image processing program that can read and enhance images from various NASA spacecraft.

Automated Variable Star Observing Download Description: command-line program to automate reduction of variable star CCD images.

SBIG Linux Kernel/Library Module Download Description: Linux Kernel/Library Module for SBIG CCD cameras.

Eclipse Download Description: a set of image processing utilities for astronomical data reduction.

FTOOLS Download Description: a collection of utility programs to view and manipulate FITS data files.

STSDAS Download Description: a system for reducing and analyzing data from the Hubble space telescope.

FTG Software Download Description: software for optical thin film coating and spectrophotometer data acquisition.

Zubot Suite Download Description: a group of programs which allow you to align, rotate, stack, and enhance astronomy pictures.

Fits Blink Download Description: a program for analysis of astronomical images, especially of asteroids and comets.

Astro Record Download Description: a program for Astrometry of meteors.

UFO Orbit Download Description: is motion capture software that starts recording on a hard disk drive of a computer from a few seconds before the action recognized to a few seconds after the action finished..

AstroIma Download Description: automated image processing.

Craterlet Download Description: is a capture application.

Catch-42 Download Description: tool to optimize image quality and capture speed on your SAC4-2 camera.

Nebulosity Download Description: capture and processing application for a wide range of astronomy CCD cameras.

UFOCapture Download Description: Time Shifted Motion Capture Software.

UFOAnalyzer Download Description: Post processing tool for UFOCapture.

MetRec Download Description: is a software package for the automatic detection and analysis of video meteors. In can be used both to inspect video tapes offline, and to do online recognition for an automatic video meteor camera.

Radiant Download Description: calculates density distributions of meteor radiants. The disk-read procedures interpret meteor co-ordinate data in the PosDat and FIDAC formats.

Qricht Download Description: With two camera setups it is possible to photograph the same meteor from two different stations: double-station photography. As is generally known, such a pair of photographs allows to calculate the trajectory of the meteoroid through the atmosphere and its orbit around the sun.

Visdat Download Description: is a system for recording and evaluating visual meteor observations.

APT - Astro Photography Tool Download Description: it is a software designed for using Canon EOS cameras for comfortable and flexible astro imaging. The focus of this tool is to provide needed features to automate the control of your camera and preserve the dark adaptation of your eyes.

SXCap Download Description: capture and image processing software packages.

HawkVideo Download Description: is a video surveillance and monitoring application that uses a PC to capture, record and manipulate images from security cameras or video systems.

QAstroCam Download Description: Webcam with Linux.

FITSCast Download Description: Allowing FITS files to be automatically processed and converted to JPG, which are then uploaded to a web server via FTP with regular intervals.

Image TOOLSca Download Description: is a package containing 2 applications, ImageVIEWca for image viewing and processing, and ImageHEADca for viewing FITS and EXIF headers without having to opening the actual image.

AutoStitch Download Description: it takes a step forward in panoramic image stitching by automatically recognising matching images.

APOD Download Description: is a lean piece of software that automatically brings to your desktop a new daily inspiring editor-picked astronomy picture with an explanation written by professional astronomers.

IC Capture.AS Download Description: Camera control software.

ArtiStar Download Description: enables to simulate star (or stars) or some other objects (nebulas,...) It can be used for some tests of equipment.

Eclipse Photography Software Download Description: This software controls cameras during a solar eclipse so that you can be free to concentrate on observing the event visually.

FocusStar Download Description: Controller -a digital telescope focuser - includes a controller with a backlit graphic LCD for status and control menus display.

ShoeString Focus Download Description: a nice adapter to let you control motorized focusers via your PC.

K3Nikon Download Description: This program enables to control Nikon Coolpix digital cameras via Pocket Viewer's serial port.

CFITSIO Download Description: it is a library of C and Fortran subroutines for reading and writing data files in FITS.

Fv Download Description: s the easy to use graphical program for viewing and editing any FITS format image or table. The Fv software is small, completely self-contained and ready to run on.

Astrolabium Download Description: you can measure the angle between objects on astrophotos, e.g. the distance between double stars. You can also measure the diameter of planets, comets and Messier nebulae as well as the absolute diameter of moon craters.

XFITSview Download Description: easy to o use graphical controls, will display astronomical images in the Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) format allowing zooming, scrolling, modifying the brightness, contrast and pseudo color and allow determination of celestial positions and the physical brightness units in the image.

PIXY System Download Description: Practical Image eXamination and Inner-objects Identification System is an automated astronomical image examination system used in the course of new object survey of the MISAO Project. It automatically detects all stars from an image, collates them with star data recorded in catalogs, and finds out new objects or variable stars.

SPD2FITS Download Description: Skypipe to FITS conversion tool. SPD2FITS converts SkyPipe files(SPD) to FITS format, which then can be read with fv or any FITS viewer capable of displaying "binary tables"(event data).

wxAstroCapture Download Description: is a free capture program primarily intended for astronomical use.

Siril Download Description: a Linux clone of Iris.

KAstrometry Download Description: is an astrometry program for the KDE Desktop Environment. It is written in Python. It aims to be a good tool to make measurements of objects in space from images taken by CCD cameras. Such measurements might be used to find orbits of asteroids or record the brightness of variable stars.

GCX Download Description: it provides full-featured camera control functions, observation scripting, and automatic data reduction for variable stars using recipe files. Cameras are controlled through a hardware-specific server, to which gcx connects through a TCP socket.

SImg Download Description: is a software developed for astronomical image processing. It runs under Linux. The package consists of a library and applications using their functions. SImg also contains a visualization tool.Main features include: multi time exposures, computing of read out noise and AD resolution, removing interferences, visualization tool, deconvolution.

Elbrus Download Description: Telescope pointing program. It analyzes a sky image with a few stars, and calculates the coordinates of the image centre.

Linear Diameter Calculator Download Description: Tool for converting the angular diameter of a deep-sky object into its actual (linear) diameter. It also handles some of the conversions you may need to perform to do this calculation, including handling distances in parsecs and angular diameters in arcminutes and arcseconds.

ISIS Download Description: Integrated Spectrographic Innovative Software (ISIS) is an application dedicated to processing of astronomical spectral data. ISIS contains specific special functions that facilitate the use of Lhires III, LISA, eShel and Star Analyzer spectrographs.

PIPP Download Description: pre-processing planetary images before stacking them with image stacking software such as Registax.

Astrochamps Download Description: Displays, simulates and let's you compare the field of view of a given observation target (e.g. the Moon) using certain equiment combinations, namely chip size, the eyepiece or camera used and optical assembly.


"" target="_blank">Download Description: AVE stands for Analisis de Variabilidad Estelar, Spanish for Analysis of Stellar Variability.

Dan's Eclipsing Binary Stars Download Description: This program simulates eclipsing binary stars and displays the light curves.

dblCalc Double Star Separation Calculator Download Description: Beyond the scientific significance of double star systems in the near cosmos, double stars have played an important role in the inspiration of amateur astronomical observation.

Eclipsing Binary Simulator (EBS) Download Description: EBS is an astronomy application to visualise the orbit and synthetic light curve of binary star systems. It is made for educational purposes and for having fun.

Minima Algol Download Description: ALGOL is a northern hemisphere star easily visible with the naked eye.

Obsvar Download Description: Obsvar is useful for preparing variable star observations;

Peranso Download Description: Peranso stands for Period Analysis Software

Porrima 2.0 Download Description: Porrima searchs and prints the neglected double stars of the WDS and reads V3.0 of the Saguaro Astronomy Club (SAC).

StarLight Pro Download Description: StarLight Pro produces animated views of eclipsing binary stars and calculates synthetic lightcurves.

VarObs Download Description: Helps you to plan and log variable stars observations (not for data analysis).

Efebin Download Description: Calculates, in binary stars, the relative position of one of the stars regarding the other one, for one or more dates, and shows a graph with the location of those stars; also it draws the apparent relative orbits.

Variable stars observer Download Description: help you to plan and log variable stars observations.

Binary Maker Download Description: calculates light and radial velocity curves for any type of binary, the theoretical and observed curves as well as a 3-D model of the orbiting stars

QVarStar Download Description: it is a GCVS (General Catalogue of Variable Stars) catalog browser for Unix

OrbitMaker Download Description: create multi-star systems and planetary systems.

BinaryMaker Download Description: create binary star systems.

ISDA Download Description: program to analyse irregularly spaced time series - variable star light curves.


Atlas Gnomónico Download Description: Assists the visual observation of meteors.

Blue Marble Viewer (BMV) Download Description: BMV provides users with a visualization tool of the entire NASA Blue Marble Data imagery, by paging in regions of interest as the user interacts with Planet Earth with the computer mouse.

Calenda Download Description: Shows the position of the terminator over a lunar surface map, pointing (literally) and naming the craters currently nearby. Also offers a calendar with lunar ephemeris.

Celestial Maps Download Description: Astronomy planetarium & mapping software using 5 projections types & 15 catalogs (Tycho-2, GSC, PPM, SAO, NGC2000, etc). Very accurate in positions, flexible and user friendly, includes a detailed help. Written by 3 professionals, for 10 years in development and use.

CNebulaX Download Description: Freeware charting software oriented to deep sky astronomy, including 25 million stars (GSC1.2), 1.25 million deep sky objects, 2300 comets and 300,000 asteroids (all the additional databases are available in the link indicated above).

DomeView Download Description: A lunar cartography program whose aim is to ease the identification of lunar features - and especially of domes.

Lunar Calculator Download Description: Moon atlas and ephemerides calculator.

LunAtlas Download Description: Photographic Atlas of the Moon done with CCD photos. Meant to let users easily identify lunar features.

LunaView 2000 Download Description: The most popular feature of LunaView 2000 is its simple to use "Point & Click" lunar globe.

Mars Previewer Download Description: Shows the current phase of Mars and allows you to point and identify the most prominent features, displaying their coordinates. There is also available a Windows 3.1, 16 bits version.

PRODOBS Download Description: PRODOBS is a deepsky database developed in Javascript, so one could use it as a kind of plug-in for the Internet browser.

Sky Chart / CDC Cartes du Ciel (version 3 alpha) Download Description: Preview of the forthcoming crossplatform (Windows and Linux) version of one of the best astronomy apps.

Sky Charts Download Description: Who said you needed to buy an expensive Cd-rom to have a quality sky atlas ?

Star-Map-Studio Download Description: Very configurable & flexible star charts drawing program.

StarCat Download Description: Starcat is a viewer for the Bright Star, Hipparcos and Tycho star catalogs. The default catalog is the Bright Star Catalog with over 9000 stars. The Hipparcos catalog contains over 100,000 stars (above) and the Tycho catalog over 1,000,000 stars. StarCats is a visualization tool for these catalogs which also gives direct access to the catalog record data for any star by pointing and clicking.

Virtual Moon Atlas Download Description: This software can visualize the Moon aspect for every date and hour. It permits also to study lunar formations with unique database and pictures library compiled by Christian Legrand.

PP3 Download Description: PP3 creates celestial charts. It generates resolution independent maps of very high graphical quality.

Starmax Download Description: is an easy Star Trails creator.

MacAstronomica Download Description: is an easy-to-use, feature-packed sky map generator. It lets you see the stars, Moon and planets from any point on Earth, at any time. It also lets you see galaxies, nebulas, shooting stars.

WinAstronomica Download Description: is an easy-to-use, feature-packed sky map generator. It lets you see the stars, Moon and planets from any point on Earth, at any time. It also lets you see galaxies, nebulas, shooting stars.

Atlas Du Ciel Download Description: atlas.

Atlas of the Solar System Download Description: A fascinating computer-based journey into our Solar System makes it possible to see, in vivid color and detail, views of the planets that have never been seen before. Journey through millions of miles of space; from the Sun with its family of 9 planets, to comets, asteroids, and other bodies.

Constellation Star Maps Download Description: is a collection of twelve constellation star maps in Windows bitmap format. They represent the major constellations as they appear on the middle of each month from the middle of North America.

Desktop Universe Download Description: Desktop Universe is the fusion of a full-color photographic star atlas with a powerful desktop planetarium program, with 20000 images.

GrayStel Star Atlas Download Description: combines a conventional computer star atlas with all-sky, seamless photographic mapping. Imagine being surrounded by a single, huge image of the whole sky visible from anywhere on Earth, with your screen as a window to look in any direction you choose.

MacStronomy Download Description: MacStronomy displays maps of the stars and planets as they appear in the sky for any date, time, and location on the earth that you choose.

Mars Previewer II Download Description: utility for Mars watchers. Rios based his freeware program which displays the central meridian and angular size of the red planet for any date and time.

PlanetWatch Download Description: is a colorful, multimedia atlas of the solar system.

Star Atlas - Pro Download Description: star Charting tool custom built to assist in locating the Deep Sky Astronomical Objects, planning observations, and exploring new Variable and Double Star data returned in the Hipparcos Stellar Catalogue.

Stargaze Download Description: Draws naked-eye maps of the sky for any location on earth showing the positions of the sun, moon, planets, stars and some Messier objects. Maps can be saved.

Stargazer's Delight Download Description: for MacOS. The sky, seen from any location on earth; more than 260'000 stars!!; planets, minor planets, galaxies, star clusters etc.; all constellations and their boundaries, the phases of the moon, the apparent brightness of the planets, the length of day; the paths of the planets, animations of the sky, great pictures of the planets etc.; animated tutorials on selected astronomical questions and much more.

Touring the Universe through Binoculars Atlas Download Description: the only star atlas designed specifically for use with binoculars! Conceived by Dean Williams of Cabot, the atlas plots all of the objects listed in the book plus shows stars to 11th magnitude.

XSky Download Description: is essentially an interactive sky atlas.

Deep Sky Database Download Description: it is for building customized observing lists.

StarView Download Description: astronomical database browser and research analysis tool.

fchart Download Description: draws practical, well-readable deepsky finder charts in Postscript (EPS) and Adobe PDF format, for Unix.

Aladin Download Description: allowing the user to visualize digitized images of any part of the sky, to superimpose entries from astronomical catalogs or personal user data files.

THE ELECTRIC ASTROLABE Download Description: is a fully animated planetarium program in the form of a planispheric astrolabe. The singular advantage of the astrolabe display is that it shows the entire sky, both visible and invisible, on a single screen. The Electric Astrolabe can be set for any location and includes accurate positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets.

Skycat Download Description: a tool for image visualization and accessing astronomy data catalogs.

constel Download Description: constellation boundaries.

Stardate Download Description: output of star and double star data.For the stellar data (CBSC catalog).

Constellation boundaries Download Description: constellation boundaries.

Seiza Download Description: it catalogs and describes the constellations, celestial objects and the many stars.

SpaceChart Download Description: allows you to see the stars in 3D and rotate them to see them from any point of view. You can also limit which stars you want to see, according to their spectral class and luminosity, and draw links between all stars closer than a certain distance.

Google Sky Map for Android Download Description: with Google Sky Map for your Android phone you can discover and browse the night sky just by pointing your phone to space. .

Sideralis Download Description: is a free sky chart for mobile phones supporting java and MIDP2.0, CLDC1.1.

Andromeda Sky View for Windows Mobile Smartphones Download Description: is a planetarium software, that can show you an interactive sky map on your Windows Mobile device. Big number of objects: 300 000 stars, 14 000 deep sky objects.

Messiggy Download Description: a database of celestial objects, galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters.

PleiadAtlas Download Description: Computerized star atlas for personal digital assistants (PDAs) running PalmOS v3.3 and up. Its emphasis is on helping observers to find targets without the aid of computerized telescopes.

Sky View Download Description: an app that uses your devices camera to superimpose the constellations. Relies on GPS, for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

TriAtlas Download Description: Ready to print deepsky atlas in PDF format.


AstroGrav (Windows) Download Description: Software that allows you to study how astronomical objects move and interact under the force of gravity.

AstroSolar Download Description: Didactic software which explains in a concise manner the dynamics and constitution of the Solar System Planets, Moons and Sun.

ChView Download Description: ChView is intended as a three-dimensional aid to: viewing some of the nearer stars of our galaxy; navigating the distances between them; and accessing basic information.

Computer-based Astronomy labs Download Description: These Excel spreadsheets include two experiences intended for use in lower-level undergraduate non-calculus based Astronomy lab courses

Conversor mrM Download Description: Conversor mrM (Converter of Distances and Magnitudes mrM) is a visual basic tool, including four modules, that allows the conversion between the several units representative of astronomical distances (parsec, light year, astronomical unit and km), as well as the determination of the values of apparent (m) and absolute (M) visual magnitudes of the several types of celestial bodies and the comparison of the respective apparent brightnesses.

DeepSail Download Description: Program for the simulation of paths and orbital behaviour in multi-body systems.

G-LenS Download Description: The aim of this project was to obtain and use a knowledge of gravitational lensing to develop a computer model to simulate lensing effects on distant sources(...) it has succeeded (...) in producing a working simulation of a point mass gravitational lens system - which can not only simulate basic lens theory, but can also reproduce the lensing effects of an, approximated, observed system.

Galactic Viewer Download Description: A simple application that allows you to view the Milky Way Galaxy from overhead and zoom in and out. Produces a rather detailed output with scale bar, various telescope objects and depicts the galaxy´s spiral arms.

Galaxy Collisions Download Description: This program for Windows simulates the collision of two galaxies. Each galaxy has its mass, number of stars, and orientation set by the user. The collision is viewed in two windows, an X-Y, and X-Z view.

Galaxy Collisions Simulation Download Description: This is a simple program designed to graphically portray how disk galaxies can transform themselves through collisions. The two disks are set up with up to 3000 test 'particles' in Keplerian orbits around two centrally-dominated masses -- approximately at the sophistication of the landmark Toomre and Toomre papers of the 1970's.

GCollider Download Description: GCollider simulates the interaction of galaxies based on the reduced n-body-calculation.

Gravitation3D Download Description: Gravitation3D is an OpenGL based shareware program written for Windows.

Gravitational Lensing Download Description: Einstein's General Theory of Relativity demonstrates that a large mass can deform spacetime and bend the path of light.

Gravitorium Download Description: The prime purpose of Gravitorium is to let you play with ideas about gravity and gravitational systems.

Gravity 6 Download Description: Gravity 6 simulates planets orbiting stars, moons orbiting planets and stars orbiting stars and all of the action can take place in 3D.

Gravity Simulator Download Description: Gravity Simulator provides amateur astronomers with a powerful numerical integration tool. By performing n-body simulations, you can study the orbits of planets, moons, asteroids, or any object in the universe. You can recreate simulations performed by professional astronomers, or experiment with simulations of your own creation.

H-R Calc for Windows Download Description: Plots and makes easy the study of the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram.

Izzys Skylog Download Description: A fine program for beginners about the constellations. Easy to use and with a lot of information and where and when to look.

Newton Download Description: Program identical to Solar System. Simulates the orbits of masses in space. Allows the modification of parameters and the creations of new models.

Newtons Aquarium Download Description: A solar system construction set that allows students to create and explore situations involving any number of stars, planets, moons and asteroids. Takes an interactive, visual approach to physics helping to develop an intuition for orbital mechanics.

Orbit Download Description: The ballistic simulator Orbit allows the physical principles of the motion in the gravitational field of the Earth to be demonstrated and learned.

Orbit Xplorer Download Description: Calculate and plot the orbits of up to 10 gravitationally interacting bodies. Easily create, run, save and print your own orbit simulation. Show time, distance, velocity, acceleration and energy continously. Create graphs of distance, velocity, acceleration and energy v. time. Run up to four simultaneous simulations.

Our Cosmohood Download Description: Classical cosmology program - the first version dates back to 1992, the latest release is from 1999. It offers a 3D model of the closest 2368 galaxies and an animation of a guided visit where, step by step, an explanation is provided on the organization and structure of the nearby universe

Planetary Apprentice Download Description: A reference tool that displays several properties for a selected planet. There are 18 properties divided into four categories - orbital, physical, axial, and atmospheric. The Apprentice shows all 18 properties for your seleceted planet in one scrollable window.

Planetas Download Description: Shows a sequence of high resolution images of the planets with a brief and a suggestive sound track of Star Trek.

Practices on Observational Astronomy Download Description: A program designed for the academic teaching of Astronomy. It was born with the idea of filling a hole in this area and with the aim of being used in all possible universities.

Satorbite Download Description: Simulates the behaviour of a satellite body orbiting a larger attracting body. The user can adjust the parameters.

SFA Chart Viewer Download Description: This program is designed to assist students in observational astronomy to learn the use of star charts.

Solar Journey Download Description: See the solar system/sky that we live in and learn how various aspects work. Excellent tutorial for educators and young children.

Solar System Download Description: Plots the gravitational behaviour of celestial bodies, allowing the user to construct new models by feeding his own values.

Solar System 3D Simulator Download Description: Generates a realistic solar system model and planets in 3 D. It can display the planets and their orbits, the Sun and the Moon. The nine planets including planet earth and their detailed physical & chemical information and image pictures is also displayed including solar power, solar energy and solar eclipse details.

Solar System Simulator Studio Download Description: Sssim Studio is designed to be used in lectures or live shows in planetariums, etc. It has dual display output(from single PC) - projects to full screen via projector, while user GUI window operates from PC display - for example.

Solstice Download Description: The aim of this program is both to allow students to acquire basic notions of mechanics and to introduce the study of orbitography at high-school level.

SpeedSolar Download Description: SpeedSolar is a small program that eases the understanding of different aspects of the universe and makes it possible to do a few experiments/calculations around the Lorenz Theory, with surprising results.

Terra et Caelum Download Description: An executable with configurable animations of lunar motions, the solar system, celestial mechanics and earthquakes...

The Solar System Discovery Kit Download Description: As well as helping novice astronomers with identifying the planets and moons, an observer of the Solar System Discovery Kit can see the shape of the orbits of the planets, and it demonstrates some of the patterns that emerge from orbital motion.

TS-24 Download Description: A low-cost, realistic computer simulation of a professional astronomical observatory which can be used in the classroom to enhance astronomy laboratory exercises.

Visual Planets Download Description: Superb. Explains with illustrations the astrophysics of the Sun and solar system planets (structure, atmosphere, rings and satellites).

Astro-Mania Download Description: is an educational game covering the Universe. It has eight levels and let's you choose what subject area you want to cover. Its great pictures and ease of use makes it not only educational but also fun.

Astronomy Explorer Download Description: Study the stars - just like scientists do! Highly interactive, multimedia program examines the galaxies and the solar system, including our own earth and moon as planetary bodies. Your students will explore not only the stars and planets, but also comets, asteroids and meteors

Dance of the Planets Download Description: It has an excellent manual dealing with the astronomy of Dance, and is fun to the point of exciting for many users. It can definitely be used as a serious observational tool with over 7500 solar system objects and a very rich and realistic starry sky (up to 380,000 stars).

Hyper Sky Download Description: HyperSky gives the user full control over what objects are displayed with "hypertext-like" information about those displayed objects. The HyperSky package comes with a basic set of catalog data files for a variety of deep-sky objects.

MPj Astro (EquinoX) Download Description: It offers many features designed for learning about astronomy as well as for more advanced use by experienced observers. EquinoX allows you to design your own constellations, modify the database, choose different colors, run your webcam and it can even control your telescope with voice commands.

NightFall Download Description: It can produce animated views of eclipsing binary stars, calculate synthetic lightcurves and radial velocity curves, and eventually determine the best-fit model for a given set of observational data of an eclipsing binary star system.

Night Sky Interactive Download Description: a wonderful introductory astronomy learning experience for Windows and Machintosh.

PC Sky Download Description: displaying the night sky photo-realistically and naturally via its naked eye, binocular and telescope views.

Planet Guide Download Description: astronomy tool that provides a brief amount of information for all the planets.

Win Dictionary of Astronomy Download Description: over 2000 entries with links to associated terms with search and index tool.

CLEA Download Description: laboratory exercises in astronomy.

Hr Trace Download Description: Excel spreadsheets devoted to open cluster study.

Solar Scouts Download Description: course based games designed for grade 6 to early college. Topics include the solar system, space and seasons among others.

Astronomy Village Download Description: investigating the Universe.

Binary Stars Download Description: software for Macintosh computers, complete with manuals, teaching binary star concepts, for classroom or personal use.

Solar System Simulator Download Description: Simulate the sky, planets, and satellites as seen from Earth. Acurate renderings and event predictions (transits, shadows, eclipse, occultation) of any planet and satellite.

StarMaster Download Description: enjoy learning about the sky.

CSENV Download Description: computes the chemical abundances for a desired set of species as a function of radius in a stationary, non-clumpy, CircumStellar ENVelope. The chemical species can be atoms, molecules, ions, radicals, molecular ions, and/or their specific quantum states.

SPECTRUM Download Description: SPECTRUM is a stellar spectral synthesis program both research and education in astronomy.

The Height of Lunar Mountains Download Description: To become familiar with the measurement of positions on digital images. To understand how the height of surface features on the moon is determined from measurements of the length of their shadows. To understand how the height of surface features on the moon is determined from measurements of the length of their shadows.

Astronomy Guide Pocket Directory Palm OS Database Download Description: The Astronomy Guide Pocket Directory Database is the perfect reference source for looking up planets, stars, constellations, and even the history of space travel.


CMWIN32, comet ephemeris Download Description: A 32 bit Windows (Windows 95 and higher) program that will calculate and print a comet ephemeris that includes RA, DEC, Alt, AZ, estimated brightness, etc. It also has limited graphics capability to display the comet postion/track in RA/DEC or Alt/Az.

Comet for Windows Download Description: Comet for Windows is a software to analyze light curves of comets, or to support observation of comets.

Comete e Asteroidi Download Description: Superb program, suitable for all those interested in the smaller bodies of the solar system.

Comewin Download Description: Comewin is the Windows version of Desorb, which traces and prints the orbit of a chosen comet and, by reference, the position of the Earth.

Find_Orb Download Description: FIND_ORB can take a set of observations of an asteroid or comet, given in MPC (Minor Planet Center) format, and find the corresponding orbit. (The MPC format is used because it is a "standard" used by most astrometry software, including Charon).

MPCOrb Download Description: You do not have Internet Access in the place you observe and you are unable to check if the little spot you are observing is a new asteroid? You do not own a recent computer and your sky charts drawing program chokes whenever you try to process the complete MPCOrb? Then this is the program you need.

Órbitas Download Description: This program allows one to select an asteroid or a comet from a list, subsequently presenting the respective orbital elements. Next it calculates, for a given moment, the topocentric coordinates of the body, the distances to the Sun and Earth, magnitude, elongation, angle of phase and velocity. If the object select is a comet, it can also calculate the size of the coma and tail.

PCEpheWin Download Description: Ephemeris calculation program for comets and asteroids (including conjunctions).

CCD Astrometry Download Description: Software for doing astrometry of Minor Planets.

Charon Download Description: Software for doing astrometry of Minor Planets.

Halley Download Description: Electronic Catalogue of Comets for management and working with the comets database, containing Keplerian orbital elements, non-gravitational and physical parameters of the comets, additional parameters used in the improvement and other data.


AstroMAT Download Description: Using this program you can determine the dates of the occurrence of New Moons and Solar and Lunar Eclipses.

Eclipse Download Description: A program for searching and graphically simulating lunar and solar eclipses with great precision ranging from the year 4713 B.C to 6500 A.C.

EmapWin Download Description: Simulates solar eclipses from 3000 BC to 3000 AD. Shows a full featured eclipse map (central line of the umbra, northern and southern limits of the umbra and penumbra et cetera, et cetera...); displays a table with the limits of the umbra by longitude; shows a graphic with local observation circumstances and a simulation; and allows to calculate which eclipses were/will be visible for a given place over a six millenniums time span.

Héclium Download Description: Total solar eclipses simulator.

LunCal Download Description: Calculates detailed lunar and solar ephemerides, including Moon phases, Sun and Moon Eclipses, annual calendars and holidays. Extras include Day details in Chinese, Hebrew, Islamic and Indian calendars and Sky details with Julian Date, Local Mean Sidereal Time and Twilight calculations.

WinEclipse Download Description: Free graphical solar/moon eclipse program to forecast any solar or lunar eclipse by using a earth map with central line.

Solar eclipse viewer Download Description: Solar Eclipse Viewer is a 32-bit astronomical program for Windows to search for solar eclipses and display global circumstances (eclipse map).

Eclipse Finder Download Description: application for MIDP 2.0 devices, can calculate the detailed information of any solar and lunar eclipses with extreme accuracy.

EclipseComplete Download Description: advanced eclipse maps.

Eclipse WinMap Download Description: high resolution solar eclipse maps.

EFLIGHT 2003 X Download Description: solar eclipses.

Umbraphile Download Description: determine the centerline and local circumstances of total and annular solar eclipses, local circumstances for partial solar eclipses, or for the partial phases of total and annular eclipses.

Eclipse Calculator Download Description: a local conditions eclipse calculator for (java-enabled) mobile phones.


Alcyone Ephemeris Download Description: Alcyone Ephemeris is an accurate and fast astronomical ephemeris calculator covering the period 3000 BC to AD 3000.

Skygazer''s Almanac for Windows Download Description: The Skygazer''s Almanac for Windows is a multifunctional tool for astronomers. You can get ephemerides of the planets, comets and minor planets as well as a list of remarkable events or ocultations. An observation planner is also included as a tiny planetarium.

NightCal Download Description: NightCal is a simple, practical tool for basic observation session planning.

Meteoracle Download Description: Meteoracle is a tool that can be used to predict meteor activity for a given place and time.

AstroExcel Download Description: Surprising MS Excel spreadsheets (including cool graphics) for miscellaneous astro calculations.

Esquire Nautical Almanac Download Description: Almanac based on the VSOP 87 theory. For stars the effects of aberration, precession and nutation are applied. Epoch 2000 is used. The periodic terms used are not limited to those given in Meeus book but to around 25000, for all the objects, obtained from various sources . Pluto is not added in this version as it is not required for navigation but will be added in the next version along with eclipses, different type of sailings and various methods of position fixing.

Suncycle Download Description: Suncycle is a calendar showing the sunrise and sunset times for a given latitude/longitude and timezone. You can configurate it in order for a media file (image and sound) to be played on sunrise and sunset times.

Night & Day Download Description: Shows, for a chosen location, a graphic depicting the night and day lengths across a year. Locations can be instantly picked from a world map. Rise and Set times of the Sun for any particular day are shown.

Ephemeris Download Description: Solar system ephemeris program. The features include: a) Positions for the Sun, Moon, planets, comets and minor planets; b) Easy input of orbital elements; c) Production of tables of up to 2000 positions for any time interval and twilight setting, ideal for comets.

Lever et Coucher du Soleil dans le monde Download Description: Using this program you will be able to know at any given instant of the day where, over the globe, the Sun is transiting the meridian.

Dr. Regener Sun-Moon-Calendar Download Description: Calculates the sets, rises and phases of the sun and moon. It covers almost 2000 locations in 96 countries. The program includes signs of the Zodiac, Saint's days, and days of Ecclesiastical year, the moon in the Ecliptic, a graphical overview of the moons brightness, and time zone information and comparison.

Almanac Download Description: It allows the creation of a complete astronomical almanac for a selected location. Calculates the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets and asteroids. It determines the instants of the more important celestial phenomena and particularly of the eclipses of the Sun and Moon for any given locations. Automatically draws charts of the apparent paths of asteroids, comets and planets, and of the solar eclipses paths over the Earth.

vb-SunTicker Download Description: Ephemerides of the Sun.

Ephemeris Calculator Download Description: This application computes ephemerides for comets, asteroids and other solar system objects (planets, Sun, Moon).

EfeCalc Download Description: EfeCalc is a Windows program that produces highly accurate astronomical ephemeris

Helio Download Description: Helio calculates the latitude/longitude and area of sunspots. The only inputs are the data/time, the sunspot x and y coordinates and sunspot size.

Win-OCCULT Download Description: OCCULT is a shareware program which provides occultation observers with a comprehensive package to support their program of observing.

Astronomy by calculations 3 Download Description: This software will give you a lot of astronomics informations : 4 planetariums with more than 8600 stars, 10000 asteroids, 10000 stellars objects, 100 comets Position of planets, star, comets,

Astronomy Laboratory for Windows Download Description: Once superb program. Generates a bunch of different astronomical animations - including solar and lunar eclipses, lunar and planetary occultations, planetary and jovian satellites transits, orrery et cetera...

Ephemeris Tool Download Description: Software to calculate all sorts of ephemeris-tables. Allows you to create Microsoft Excel *.xls-files. Extremely good and complete

Dark Skies Download Description: Application created to help determine the times of the year when the night sky will be totally dark and to show the results in a graphical fashion.

Astronomic Clock Download Description: ASTRONOM provides a host of data on the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets seen from anywhere on Earth. Information, plotted on an altazimuth chart and accompanying tables, includes local sunrise and sunset times, solar disk size, Earth-Sun distance, Moon phases, equatorial coordinates, a planetary ephemeris, and an eclipse locator. The positions of the planets may be changed in steps of a second, minute, hour, day, week, and month, or follow the system clock.

WinAstro Download Description: Conversion among calendars and coordinate systems; planetary ephemeris; oppositions and elongations; physical ephemeris; natural satellites ephemeris; rise, transit and set times; ephemeris of comets and asteroids; lunar phases and eclipses...

WinEphem Download Description: The best things come in simple packages, they say, and this program proves it.

GraphDark Download Description: GraphDark allows you to work out when an astronomical object will be visible from your location and when moonlight, twilight or low haze will affect its visibility. An additional option displays the moon’s phases as a lunar calendar. Typical uses might be planning a series of observing sessions for deep sky objects so that moonlight can be avoided, working out when a comet will be visible from your location at a reasonable altitude, or when a variable star will be visible.

Guide (Project Pluto) Download Description: super astronomical software, both commercial and freeware, to amateur and professional astronomers. A powerful general-purpose charting/desktop planetarium tool.

AA_Arc Download Description: Astronomical ephemeris calculator, C source. This program computes the orbital positions of planetary bodies and performs rigorous coordinate reductions to apparent geocentric and topocentric place (local altitude and azimuth). It also reduces star catalogue positions given in either the FK4 or FK5 system.

Astronom Download Description: data on the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets seen from anywhere on Earth. Information, plotted on an altazimuth chart and accompanying tables, includes local sunrise and sunset times, solar disk size, Earth-Sun distance, Moon phases, equatorial coordinates, a planetary ephemeris, and an eclipse locator.

L'Astronomy par les calculs (Astronomy by Calculations) Download Description: Positions' of the planet, sun moon, star, date of eclipses, of perigees and apogees, with geocentric (or heliocentric) planetarium (30000 objects), databases.

Astronomy Calculator Download Description: tool provides sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and lunar phase information for any location on Earth. It also displays the dates and times of upcoming season changes (Spring equinox, summer solstice, fall equinox, and winter solstice), as well as future lunar eclipses

GeoAstro Applet Collection Download Description: Java Applets for detailed solar and lunar data and observe the daily and annual path of the sun and moon for any location.

XEphem Download Description: Xephem is a very powerful and popular astronomical software package available for various UNIX platforms, including Linux.

AA+ Download Description: software based on Astronomical Algorithms book of Jean Meeus.

AstroVizier Download Description: detailed physical ephemeris for the major bodies of the solar system.

Four By Jove Download Description: a very precise position for the four main moons of Jupiter within +/- 8 km. Jupiter events like transits, shadow transits, eclipses and occultations are shown in a graphical form.

JupView PPC Download Description: The positions of Jupiter's satellites, Great Red Spot and a map of Jupiter's features.

Moon Phase Oracle - Solunar Prediction Software Download Description: software for any location worldwide displays information for any time.

PLUCOR Download Description: a ephemeris program which will print out positions of Sun,Moon and planets.

Sun and Moon Almanac Download Description: graphical Sun and Moon Almanac.

Swiss Ephemeris Info Download Description: high precision ephemeris.

AstroSeeker Download Description: 17 Types of astronomical searches.

AstroInfo Download Description: data for sun, moon, planets.

AstroCalc for Windows Download Description: what's in the Sky for Sun, Moon, Planets.

Solarark Download Description: high accuracy astronomy software using VSOP87 planetary theory for calculating the positions of all of the planets.

AstroPy Download Description: development and integration of tools and numerical algorithms into the Python scripting language.

JPL Planetary and Lunar Ephemerides Download Description: this CD contains three Jet Propulsion Laboratory Planetary and Lunar Ephemerides along with a toolbox of FORTRAN subroutines that allow the user to obtain the coordinates of the Sun, Moon, and nine major planets.

Multiyear Interactive Computer Almanac Download Description: a software system that provides high-precision astronomical data in tabular form for a wide variety of objects; it calculates much of the information tabulated in the benchmark annual publication, The Astronomical Almanac.

PyEphem Download Description: a module for performing astronomical computations using the Python scripting language.

AA200 Download Description: reads astronomical ephemerides, in the data format produced by Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and reduces the barycentric coordinates to printouts of geocentric and topocentric place.

aa-56 Download Description: omputes ephemerides of Sun, Moon, planets, comets, and stars using rigorous reduction methods from the _Astronomical Almanac_ and related sources.

selenog Download Description: trigonometric series for the rotational Euler angles of the moon. Precision 0.05" from -1369 to +2950.

de118i-2 Download Description: N-body numerical integration of the Moon and planets uses either 80-bit extended real or 64-bit arithmetic. Physics model includes oblateness of the Earth and Moon, Earth tides, Lunar librations, relativity corrections, and 5 asteroids.

bns Download Description: C language skeleton for incoporating Bretagnon & Simon's planetary tables into AA.ZIP.

pluto Download Description: trigonometric expansion for ephemeris of Pluto. Longitude accuracy 20" vs DE102.

marso Download Description: trigonometric expansion for the ephemeris of Mars (Bretagnon). Medium accuracy (4" longitude), tested against DE200.

meeus2 Download Description: ephemerides generated from Jean Meeus' _Astronomical Algorithms_ (Willmann-Bell), which uses Bretagnon's VSOP87, Chapronts' moon, and Meeus' Pluto, with high precision numerical integrations (JPL DE200 and DE118i) from 9000 B.C. to 12000 A.D.

Multi-year Interactive Computer Almanac 1800-2050 Download Description: MICA produces high-precision astronomical data in tabular form, tailored for the times and locations specified by the user. MICA produces high-precision astronomical data in tabular form,.

COAA Orbit Download Description: This little windows application accepts three well-spaced observations in IAU MPC format and determines the classical elements.

TLE Retriever Download Description: a standalone Windows-based application which can be run manually, as needed, or set up to automatically download and generate CelesTrak data sets.

astrojawil Download Description:: atlas, planetarium, calcolator o ephemerides, calendar, reminder, planner and more.

AstroWin Download Description: calculates ephemerides Moon phases and eclipses.

TIARE Download Description: it is an astronomical resource & ephemeris software for Texas Instruments(R) calculators.

SkEye Download Description: SkEye aims to be an advanced planetarium for Android that utilises this powerful mobile platform to the fullest.


Designer-Moon Download Description: This program is based on vb-moonticker but with a completely new (and great looking) design signed by the German artist Donald Wienand

Lunar Occultation WorkBench Download Description: Program developed by the the Dutch Occultation Association available in two versions: Lite and Pro. Exclusively consecrated to lunar occultations.

LunarPhase Download Description: LunarPhase is a software toolkit for Moon observers that provides a wealth of real-time information and graphics along with a range to tools to enable you to plan your lunar observing sessions.

LunarPhase Pro Download Description: LunarPhase Pro is not just a Moon Atlas but a complete Moon observation planning tool providing libration diagrams/movies, times of similar illumination, first crescent visibility, inbuilt Rukl charts and many other features. Demo version available.

MoonCalc Download Description: Everything you may ever want to know about the Moon: "position, age, phase, orientation, appearance and visibility for any given date, time and location on Earth. It also provides the Julian Day Number, Magnetic Declination, time and direction of moonrise and moonset, interval between sunset and moonset, interval between sunrise and moonrise, date/time of astronomical new moon (conjunction), full moon".

Moonphase Download Description: Moonphase - displays the current moon phase of selected day.

Moontool Download Description: An application made as a demonstration on how to use the various algorithms offered for free by the author and based upon the book "Astronomical Algorithms" by Jean Meeus...

Positions géocentriques de la Lune Download Description: This software traces the position of our satellite with a precision of a few arcseconds.

Saros Download Description: Saros enables you to find any solar eclipse in between about 2500 BC to 3500 AD.

vb-MoonTicker Download Description: Moon ephemerides calculation.

Moonloc Download Description: MoonLoc shows the location of the sun and moon in the sky for any date/time. Sun rise/set moon rise/set is found instantly. Shown: Right Ascension, Declination, Altitude, Azimuth, Angle between sun and moon (which is also the moon's phase).

Moon phase calculator Download Description: Moon Phase Calculator allows you to calculate the phase of the Moon for any time in the past or future and to search for the next or previous full moon, new moon or first or last quarter.

Lunar Map Pro Download Description: is a complete and comprehensive lunar mapping software program for serious amateur astronomers, astronomy students, and lunar observers. Designed and built on a (GIS) Geographic Information System, providing pin-point navigational accuracy, Lunar Map Pro offers high-resolution maps.

MoonClock Download Description: produces a continually updating, real-time graphical representation on the visual aspect of the moon. The lunar aspect may be computed geocentrically, or topocentrically, for the current epoch, or for any time and date.

Moonrise Download Description: it will greet you everyday with the day's sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, and twilight times. You can easily see the next series of moon phases, and see a graphic of the current phase. You can find the same information for tomorrow, next week, forty years from now, or the day you were born with a few clicks of the mouse.

Virtual Atlas of the Moon Download Description: this software can visualize the Moon aspect for every date and hour. It permits also to study lunar formations with unique databse and pictures library compiled by Christian Legrand.

Desktop Lunar Calendar Download Description: it is a simple, fun and easy to use calendar.

DeskMoony Download Description: calculates current moon phase and draws it.

Lunar Co-longitude Download Description: computes co-longitude for dates from 1989 to 2020.

Moon Phase Icon Download Description: shows the current moon phase in your system tray.

Moon Map for Pocket PC Download Description: a moon map for the Pocket PC and Palm devices.

MoonDock Download Description: shows moon phase on desktop plus other info.

Moontimes Download Description: keep track of the moon.

NewMoons Download Description: find when new moons are visible.

Moon Tool Download Description: a desktop application that displays the times of the various phases of the moon and a picture of the current phase of the moon.

cmoon Download Description: according to JPL's DE404 long ephemeris, in 3000 B.C. the Moon was a large fraction of a degree away from where DE200 says it was.

newmoontab Download Description: date and time of each new moon from 3000 B.C. to 3000 A.D. according to DE406. Text file of Julian dates and calendar dates, on the ephemeris time scale, of approximately 75,000 events.

emb Download Description: trigonometric expansion for the location of the Earth-Moon barycenter. A high precision fit to DE102.

brown Download Description: lunar theory (Brown and ILE). Longitude accuracy about 2" from 1950-2000. The expansion cmoon.c in AA.ZIP is better for ancient dates.

Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder Download Description: oftware for converting dates in various lunar and other calendars and for finding lunar phases and eclipses of various kinds.

Moon Phase Screen Saver Download Description: displays current moon phase in which.

1 Moon above Download Description: screen saver with the current moon position.

Just Moon Download Description: is lunar observing software for Linux, Zaurus, and potentially other platforms.It's free software, open source, licensed under the GPL.

GNOME Lunar Clock Applet Download Description: this applet displays the current phase of the Moon as an applet for the gnome panel.

gkrellmoon Download Description: plugin for GKrellM that shows the current moon phase for your location.

AstroMosaic Download Description: makes easier the creation of lunar mosaics.

Lunar Download Description: calculates age lunation,distance,lunar phase,names prominent features and precentage of illumination. Also allows you to add major moon phases to Palm datebook.

Moon Atlas Download Description: map of our Moon, for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Buzz Aldrin Download Description: an information packed app of myths and mysteries, the Space Race, exploration of the Moon and Mars and covers the Hubble. You do know who Buzz Aldrin is, right? For iPhone/iPod/iPad.


AstroCalc Download Description: AstroCalc enabled you to : - To calculate the position of planets and give their appearance.

AstroMeeus Download Description: Almanac like program, an implementation of some formulas of Jean Meeus book on astronomical algorithms (Sun, Moon - including eclipses - and Planets data).

Galiléo Download Description: Software whose features include: calculation of Jupiter's ephemeris; displays the shadows and the four main satellites; the Great Red Spot; Magnification for Jupiter and its satellites; automatic calculating of next transit.

Jupiter Download Description: Jupiter 2.0 is a software for the calculation of Jupiter's satellites ephemeris, with a graphical view of the jovian system. It's based on Jean Meeus ephemeris ("Calculs Astronomiques à l'usage des amateurs" - ISBN 2-901730-03-6).

Jupiter Moons 2 Download Description: Plot and animate the positions of IO, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.

JupSat 95 Download Description: Featuring pretty attractive graphics, the program shows the status of Jupiter's four largest moons, with the option of inverting the poles for telescope users.

Meridian Download Description: Graphical ephemeris of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Planet Visibility Download Description: According to the authors, presents a sleek 3-colour graph that tells, at-a-glance, when a planet (or Moon and Sun) is visible from your location...

Positions des satellites de Jupiter Download Description: In 1610 Galileo discovered 4 small stars which turned around Jupiter. These satellites would be visible with the naked eye if Jupiter was not so close to them. Helped by this software and armed with a good pair of binoculars (or a telescope) you will be able to follow this enthralling ballet.

SkyGazer Ephemeris Download Description: Designed to for your Astronomy needs. Get the ephemeris for the Moon, any planet at any location on Earth at any time past or future.

Urania View Download Description: Calculates planetary ephemeris. Includes development links to the pages of Projeto Urânia and information on the physical and orbital elements of the solar system bodies; the brightest stars and the names of the constellations - as well as a brief astronomy glossary.

Visual Ephemeris for Uranian Moons Download Description: This program will generate an ephemeris with the same accuracy which can be obtained from BDL's Ephemerides Server for the five major moons of Uranus. It is based on GUST86 and VSOP87C

WinJUPOS Download Description: Database for object positions on planets and the Sun.

The planets Download Description: Predicts and animates transits, shadow transits, eclipses, and occultations of Jupiter's four bright moons. Great red spot too. Also shows the position of Saturn's moons.

Celestial Explorer Mars Download Description: This powerful GIS mapping software features the latest NASA high-definition digital maps combined with the most up-to-date geology data. Extraordinary real-time and customizable 3D visualizations place you on the surface of the planet.

SATSAT Download Description: to determine and display the approximate locations of the moons of Saturn. The rings of Saturn are also displayed and Saturn's coordinates.

Xearth Download Description: positions and images from the Earth.

Jupiter Events Download Description: JavaScript Application for jovian moons.

Suntimes Download Description: keep track of the sun.

CLAP Download Description: Astronomy program displays the sun moon and planets for any location.

MarsMap Download Description: softwar for Palm about Mars calculation.

SatMoons Download Description: shows Saturn's moons and the tilt of its rings. For PalmOS

Jup Download Description: Jup shows the position of Jupiter's four Galilean satellites, their transits and shadow transits, and the position of the Great Red Spot. For PalmOS.

Planetensuche Download Description: (planet search) is a collection of some tools. .

Planets Download Description: is a simple interactive program for playing with simulations of planetary systems. Saving and loading of universes, Infinite undo (erase last action) and goback (return to point in time just after last action). This allows for undoing mistakes and replaying interesting configurations.Traces of planet trajectories.

Jovian Download Description: this program helps you to easily locate and identify the Galilean moons and animates their orbits. Further screens plot Jupiters belts and Great red spot for any given time and date within Palms date range.

MarsClock Download Description: Converts to and from Earth time (Local and UTC) and Mars time (Local Mean Solar Time and Local True Solar Time) for any location.

Planet Vistas Download Description: it renders accurate simulations of the Sun, Moon, planets and their satellites as currently seen from Earth.

Gas Giants Download Description: a virtual view of Jupiter and Saturn with real-time positions of their major moons. For iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Mars Atlas Download Description: map of Mars. For iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Mercury Atlas Download Description: map of Mercury. For iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Venus Atlas Download Description: map of Venus. For iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Jupiter Atlas Download Description: map of Jupiter. For iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Saturn Atlas Download Description: map of Saturn. For iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Exoplanet Download Description: a great app that is a database of known exoplanets. It also graphs out orbital position and distance from host star as well as how the discovery was made, for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Kepler Download Description: just like Exoplanet with the database of exoplanets, but limits the list to discoveries made by the Kepler probe, for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Cosmic Download Description: the American Museum of Natural History app displaying a zoomable mosaic of Saturn comprised of hundred's of images, for iPhone/iPod/iPad.


Deepsky Version 2006.01.01 Download Description: Discover the night sky using Deepsky Astronomy Software (DAS). Designed for observers at any level, DAS will unlock the dazzling night sky showing you where those precious "fuzzies" are located.

NGC 2000 Observer Download Description: A useful program which lists the celestial objects from the NGC 2000, IC and Messier catalogues visible from a given location at a given moment.

SkyNotes Download Description: Designed to manage your Astronomy Observation notes. Collect your location, details, notes, and actual pictures from your telescope's camera.

Deepsky FREE Download Description: Deepsky FREE is the free version of Deepsky Astronomy Software by Steven S Tuma.

MessierMarathon Download Description: A small program that will produce for a given location a list/observation plan of observable Messier objects.

Deep Space Observing Log Download Description: Deep Space Observing Log 2.0 interfaces with computerized telescope positioning systems - both GOTO sytems and Digital Setting Circles (DSCs) - using the included ASCOM (Astronomy Common Object Model) drivers to provide a means to easily create logs of observing sessions in an electronic format.

ScopeDriver Download Description: A planning, logging, and control interface for your astronomical telescope, designed with elegant simplicity.

Astro Helper Download Description: Free software to help Dobsonian users find deep sky objects in seconds. Astro Helper will tell you the angle of elevation above the horizon (altitude) and the direction in degrees from North (Azimuth) of the selected objects.

Messier application Download Description: An electronic catalogue of Messier objects. After selection of a given Messier object from the list, the application displays a map for searching the object on the sky, a picture of the selected object, its coordinates and " target="_blank">Download Description. The map for searching can be displayed in three dimensions: 15 degrees, 5 degrees and 1 degree. The user can print each map.

NGCView Download Description: Allows one to Plan, Plot, Chart and Log observations . Supports the ASCOM protocol for telescope control.

C88 Download Description: Provides detailed information about the celestial objects visible with naked eye, and may be used to aid in viewing of deep sky objects through the eyepiece of a modest amateur telescope.

Messier Logging System Download Description: Includes the 110 objects of Messier's Catalog. For each and every one, provides an extended description and a photo; as well as location, size, magnitude and distance.

The simple observing log Download Description: The Simple Observing Log (TSOL) is intended as a place where you can keep track of all your star-gazing information. After recording your observations, you can view and print your observing records sorted by date or by object.

Astrobyte logging system Download Description: An easy to use database to keep all your astronomical observations together in one package. It contains over 10,000 of the best pre-selected objects along with a form to enter new selections.

AstroPlanner Download Description: facilitates astronomical visual observation planning and logging as well as control of Meade telescopes that use the LX200, LX200GPS or Autostar controllers, Celestron NexStar scopes and Astro-Physics GTO mounts as well.

AstroViewer Download Description: AstroViewer allows you to: display a sky map for any time and any location on Earth, find out the names and other information about the celestial bodies (stars, planets, etc.) on the display, find celestial bodies, find constellations, create a printable version of the sky chart

Deep Sky Planner Download Description: Deep-Sky Planner 4 gives you the power to search through nearly 300,000 objects to observe while providing accurate positions, rise/set/transit and best times to observe at your location. You also get the convenience of logging visual and photographic observations and the power to search and manage your observations - all packaged in a standard Windows interface designed to get you up and running quickly.

Radio-Jupiter Pro Download Description: If you really want to observe Jupiter's radio noise storms, this is a must have program. RJPro3 does just about everything you can imagine to help you plan and execute your Jupiter observations.

SkyTools Download Description: designed to aid observers with observation planning, charting, and logging. SkyTools excels at telling you what you can observe on a given night and how to find it.

Astronomical Observation Log Download Description: log your observations and photos.

AstroNotes Download Description: application for archiving and managing observing and imaging data.

Meteor Observation Log Download Description: utility for recording meteors.

Observation Manager Download Description: free and open Java based observation logging tool that stores it's data in a free and open XML format

Deepsky 99 - Software for Observers Download Description: important need for amateur and professional observers. The software allows the user to plan a productive observing session and record what was observed quickly and easily.

SPOT DownloadDescription: Spitzer Planning Observations Tool, is a software package used by Spitzer observers to plan observations and submit proposals.

OOLog Download Description: Manages the observations of objects.

MESSMARA Download Description: can calculate the number of Messier objects which you can see in a single night from your location.

MetShow Download Description: program which can help meteor observers to prepare and evaluate their observations.

Eye&Telescope Download Description: software for deep-sky observers has many functions, here are some of them.

DSO Download Description: freeware astronomical program that should help to plan observations of deep sky objects. The program allows to search for objects in the NGC database by the object: minimum dimension availability, type (galaxy, globular cluster, nebula etc.),visibility in particular telescope according to the visibility concept developed by Jose Torres or maximum magnitude.

TSOL Download Description: The Simple Observing Log (TSOL) is intended as a place where you can keep track of all your star-gazing information.

Orchestrate Download Description: is a software to automate imaging sessions - so you can get some sleep.

Sky Week Download Description: by Sky and Telescope shows a list of interesting things to look at for each morning and evening, for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Astro Panel Download Description: Astronomy weather forecast for mobile phones.

Occult Watcher Download Description: astronomical occultation observers to stay tuned with the incoming events by tracking the asteroidal occultation predictions published and regularly updated in various sources.


Conversiones Download Description: This software does three sorts of calculations:

MoonIcon Download Description: Places up to tree icons representing the status of the Moon, Mars and the Earth on the toolbar of Windows.

ORSA (Windows) Download Description: Orbit Reconstruction, Simulation and Analysis (ORSA) is a framework for Celestial mechanics computations. Asteriods, comets, solar and extra-solar planetary systems can be accurately reproduced, simulated and analyzed.

Fireball Download Description: Fireball is free software to calculate the atmospheric trajectory and heliocentric orbit of meteoroids. The trajectory is presumed linear and the Earth spherical.

Visual Spec Download Description: Visual Spec is a software designed for amateurs to process spectral images.

Planisphere Download Description: A program which exports to .PDF and lets you print a planisphere (a couple of sheets of paper very easy to assemble) appropriate for you latitude. The constellation lines are editable with an additional Constellation Editor.

Messier Download Description: It shows high resolution images of all of the objects of the Messier catalogue together with information related to the coordinates, dimensions, etc...

Mariner 6/7, 9 and 10 Image Browsers. Venera 15/16 Radar Mosaic browser. Viking Orbiter Image Viewer Download Description: Windows viewers for several data sets offered for free by the NASA. The data, mostly of photographic nature, was collected by the above mentioned space artifacts during their missions and close flybys of Venus, Mercury and Mars.

Solex Download Description: The name comes from SOLar system integration by a fast EXtrapolation method, and, indeed, SOLEX computes the positions of solar system bodies (planets, asteroids and comets) by a method which is entirely based on the numerical integration of the Newton equation of motion.

Spica Download Description: Several features: celestial charts in several modes of projection; ephemeris, planetary conjunctions graphics, almanac like reports (a sort of "this week's planet roundup"), Saturn's rings and Jovian moons status graphics et cetera...

DarkSky Download Description: A Windows 3.1 program which installs and runs fine under Windows 98. Designed around Release 9.0 of The Arizona Database of deep-sky objects, contains data and information on over 61,100 deep sky object.

Encyclopaedia Galactica Download Description: A star charting and graphical ephemeris program. Three features particularly caught our attention: a nice looking Jovian satellites ephemeris graphic; the ability to produce for a chosen object a visibility graph for any given period of time; and the ability to associate images and text files to celestial objects, allowing the user to create a customized database.

Moovastar, Resolution and others... Download Description: Using the Bright Star Catalogue (down to mag. 6.5) and the proper motion of the stars Moovastar simulates star positions in the future and past.

Tumol Download Description: The Ultimate Messier Object Log (TUMOL) is a database that contains relevant information for all 110 Messier objects. It contains various layouts to assist amateur astronomers in documenting their search for deep sky objects.

Tcol Download Description: The Caldwell Observing Log (TCOL) is very similar to The Ultimate Messier Object Log, except it describes the 109 objects described by Sir Patrick Caldwell Moore in his Caldwell Catalog

Darkadapted Download Description: is a gamma control application program. It modifies your screen gamma settings so that you may, for example, preserve your dark adaptation while using your computer. Can turn it night vision red.

CosmoSaver Download Description: is a spectacular new screensaver for MacOS X that lets you tour an accurate representation of our solar system. Immerse yourself in our beautiful and fascinating solar system including all nine planets, the sun and 29 different moons.

dObjects Download Description: is an astronomical database and observing log program. It includes a database of over 34,000 astronomical deep-sky objects. In addition dObjects' database includes references to popular astronomical magazines, books, and internet resources, information you have about objects within your computer, and the Internet.

E.T. Counter Download Description: It calculates, among other things, the number of advanced civilizations that currently exist in our galaxy, based on your own specifications and assumptions. The algorithm is inspired by Isaac Asimov and the Green Bank formula.

Halo Download Description: displays range from the familiar circle around the sun or moon to rare and prized events when the whole sky is webbed by intricate arcs.

Ricerca Download Description: programmed watching sessions for the automatic research of the supernovae. Automatic aim of the objects, acquisition and saving of the images and the observed data.

Sky Screen Saver Download Description: shows the sky above any location on Earth, including stars up to the 7th magnitude, the Moon in its correct phase and position in the sky, and the position of the Sun and all the planets in the sky.

Space Station Manager Download Description: building a space station with this relaxing game..

Stars of the Night Sky Download Description: he planetarium show "Stars of the Night Sky" this screen saver displays many of the prominate constellations.

3D Space Tour screensavers Download Description: Animated 3D screensavers with cosmic scenes.

AstroGemini Screen Savers Download Description: astronomical screensaver.

Screen Saver Download Description: Earth, moon, and planet screen savers.

Solar System - Earth 3D screensaver Download Description: a realistic screensaver showing a magnificent view of our planet as seen from space.

StarMessage - Moon Phase and Night Sky screensaver Download Description: view the moon phases and write your name in the stars of the night sky.

Galaxien-Photoscript Download Description: for galaxy observers in German, in Java.

AstroFonts Download Description: use astronomical (& other) symbols.

AstroPlanck Download Description: learn about stars' light and color.

CMBEASY Download Description: calculation of CMB power spectra and other density fluctuation evolution data for a given cosmology.

COSMOMC Download Description: calculates a fast Markov Chain Monte-Carlo exploration of cosmological parameter space for an input set of constraints.

DUSTY Download Description: calculates the emerging spectrum of radiation from some source viewed after processing by a dusty region.

Enzo Download Description: it is an adaptive mesh refinement (AMR), grid-based hybrid code (hydro + N-Body) which is designed to do simulations of cosmological structure formation.

EZ Stellar Evolution Download Description: tracks the evolution of new (Zero-Age Main Sequence) stars throughout the bulk of their lives.

FLASH Download Description: is a reacting hydrodynamics code with adaptive mesh refinement for general astrophysical hydrodynamics problems.

Gadget-2 Download Description: is an SPH simulation code designed for cosmological simulations but can be used for a wide variety of astrophysical hydrodynamics simulations with self-gravity.

NEMO Download Description: stellar dynamics toolbox; has various programs to create, integrate, analyze and visualize N-body and SPH-like systems.

PHOEBE Download Description: numerical modeling and analysis of eclipsing binary stars, using a variety of models.

TIPSY Download Description: visualization software for N-body simulations.

ZEUS-MP Download Description: astrophysical hydrodynamics and MHD code that has been used to investigate a wide variety of astrophysical problems.

Seeing Simulation and Deconvolution Download Description: GPL implementation of a seeing simulator and deconvolution via Cross-spectrum and Bi-spectrum.

Liftoff Space Simulator Download Description: hands-on presentations and simulations about being an astronaut and commanding the space shuttle.

Xstar N-body Solver Download Description: displays results to the screen or can be used as a screen saver. Includes a college level introductory text on the n-body problem.

Epoch_2000 Temporal Epoch Calculator Download Description: excel spreadsheet calculates temporal variation in astronomic constants, obliquity of the ecliptic, and illumination angles at any specified latitude. You need only input a date or the latitude.

STD Aurora Monitor Software Download Description: advanced auroral activity monitoring software.

AstroMake Download Description: utility intended to make installations of some common astronomical packages (in binary form) easy. In practice it is a shell script that with the aid of makefiles wraps around rpm's, tarballs and debian packages.

Cloudy Download Description: for simulating emission line regions caused by the ionization of dilute gases.

FIGARO Download Description: a general data reduction package aimed specifically towards optical and infrared data.

GIPSY Download Description: an interactive system for the reduction and display of astronomical data.

WCSTools Download Description: a package of programs and libraries for taking advantage of world coordinate system information in astronomical image files and catalogs.

euler Download Description: tutorial essay linking orbital elements, precession, and the rotational Euler angles of mechanics.

plan404 Download Description: contains trigonometric series for the motions of the nine planets, adjusted for a best fit to JPL's DE404 Long (3000 B.C. to 3000 A.D) Ephemeris.

Hubble Space Telescope Wallpaper Download Description: thirty full-screen Hubble photos for use as wallpaper and screen saver.

FreeLunar DownloadDescription: Show The Date Of The Solar Calendar.

Mobimoon DownloadDescription: It is a JavaME mobile application that displays Moon phase and Hijri date.

MoonPhase DownloadDescription: MoonPhase shows the current moon phase on your mobile phone. The program can also display the dates of all new/full moon phases for a given year. The program works on MIDP2 compatible Java-enabled phones. When started, the midlet displays the current moon phase, moon age and percentage of the moon progress. The percentage value shown on the display represents the illuminated fraction of the Moon's disc as a value from -99.9 to +99.9.

Solar System v. 0.1.4 java DownloadDescription: Discover the nine planets of our Solar System, simply by inputting the number 1 to 9 to reveal interesting facts. New up-dated version includes name and date of the spacecraft Flyby of each planet, plus additional facts from each planet.

rgsc DownloadDescription: extracts selected entries of the Space Telescope Guide Star Catalog (GSC) from one or two CD-ROMs, listing the results and saving them to a disk file in any of several formats.

COCO Download Description: converts star coordinates from one system to another.

CONSKY DownloadDescription: This program addresses the question of what resources are needed to produce a continuous data record of the entire sky down to a given limiting visual magnitude.

Chianti Download Description: calculate the spectra from astrophysical plasmas.

cmbfast Download Description: omputing cosmic microwave background anisotropy, polarization and matter power spectra.

COSMICS Download Description: omputing transfer functions and microwave background anisotropy for cosmological models, and for generating gaussian random initial conditions for nonlinear structure formation simulations of such models.

cosmotools Download Description: calculates a number of useful quantities (distances, angles and lookback time) given a cosmological model and a redshift.

DDSCAT Download Description: for calculating scattering and absorption of light by irregular particles.

XSTAR Download Description: for calculating the physical conditions and emission spectra of photoionized gases.

ascfit Download Description: (Automatic Stellar Coordinate fitting) comprises a collection of C programs which adds WCS coordinates to single or multiple files.

SEXTRACTOR Download Description: Programs that buils a catalogue of objects from an astronomical image. It is particularly oriented towards reduction of large scale galaxy-survey data, but it also performs well on moderately crowded star fields.

NiteView Download Description: moves the desktop color to dark red and gray to dark adaptation.

Dark Adapted Download Description: the screen goes black or red.

Actual Earth 3D Download Description: displays current moon phase in which.

Tux Meteor Download Description: is a meteor counting program.

Physlets Download Description: 140 java utilities with astronomy.

Profit Download Description: it is a GUI tool for accessing high-resolution spectra. Profit displays spectra in various formats, allowing users to identify emission lines, to convert an identified line into velocity units using a user-selected wavelength, to store (and restore) individual spectra, to fit lines to gaussians, and other features. Profit displays spectra in various formats, Allowing users to identify emission lines.

Astronomy Calculators V1Download Description: this is a collection of calculators to calculate many of the equations and sums used by amateur astronomers.

Space Calculators V1.0Download Description: this is a collection of small astronomy and spaceflight related calculators, which are designed to help with tasks like calculating the escape velocity of a planet, the orbital period of a satellite, the geostationary orbital altitude of a body.

QuickFringe Download Description: is used to extract quantitative wavefront accuracy measurements from a laser interferogram. Interfacing with optical interferometers via a video camera and frame grabber, Quick Fringe produces accurate test reports with a minimum of effort

GeoKoord Download Description: utiliy for conversion of Gauß-Krüger-coordinate or rectangular GPS-coordinate into geographic latitude and longitude.

RedScreen Download Description: it is a useful and free utility for night vision. It serves just one purpose: to preserve your dark adapted eyes, so you can work with your mac in a dark environment.

MetSim Download Description: meteor storm simulation.

Location Manager Download Description: is an application for the Palm Computing® platform. As the Pilot has developed, more and more applications have become dependent on the user's location and time zone settings.

VisualSpec Download Description: software designed for amateurs to process spectral images. It provides a set of functions dedicated to Spectral analysis and allow the amateur to extract scientific measurements from their spectral images.

Xplanet Download Description: renders images on the desktop background. All of the major planets and most satellites can be drawn, similar to a Solar System Simulator. A number of different map projections are also supported, including azimuthal, Mercator, Mollweide, orthographic and rectangular.

Simulum Download Description: This project deals with different simulations of star movements and their visualizations. At first we look at the projection and accumulation of star brightness. In actually doing this we have to distribute stars among a three dimensional figure.

Astrolinux Download Description: CD of profesional astronomical software for Linux.

Corrida Download Description: convert your observation from maps Bro to a database. Runs on Linux and in future on Windows.

MeteorCount Download Description: this Program for Palm PDAs is designed to make meteor counting easier. Instead of speaking your data on tape or recording on paper strip along IMO quidelines you can stylus stroke on your palm handheld. The download can also include optional PC analysis of data and conversion to IMO report format.

ASCOM Download Description: The ASCOM Initiative is a loosely-knit group of developers and astronomical instrument makers that work together to bring vendor-independent and language-independent plug-and play compatibility between astronomy software and astronomical instruments on Windows computers.

AstronomyCalc Download Description: a calculator for basic conversions, date and time, coordinate conversions and Solar calculations.

Astronomy Download Description: a cool app that is an image gallery, lists past, current and future space missions, a history of Astronomy and a list of Stars and Constellations with basic visibility data.

APODViewer Download Description: view the Astronomy Photo of the Day as well as browse past entries, for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

HubbleZoom Download Description: an image gallery of Hubble Space Telescope images, though not the best interface, for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

GestImg Download Description: for the management of astronomical images.


Almicantarat Download Description: Tool for celestial navigation. Almicantarat proposes a sky chart; keeps, reads and manages a list of measurements made; calculates the necessary corrections; calculates the celestial position accordingly; plots the points and lines of position over a map canvas.

Navastro Download Description: Program for astronomical navigation. At sea, it eases the use of the sextant and allows a precise calculation of one's position using the Sun.

NauticTools Download Description: Extensive set of tools to facilitate all necessary calculations for both Terrestrial and Celestial navigation.


Adastra Freestar Download Description: Experience accessible astronomy with a real-time sky, comprehensive reports, arcsecond accuracy, and exciting events such as animation and live tracking. Easy mouse-manipulation of the sky brings planets, comets, asteroids, DSOs, and a multitude of stars to your fingertips in real-time. And let TimeLine graphically show the effects of precession down through the millennia.

AlphaCentaure Download Description: Multipurpose planetarium. One of the best around, and still getting better... The organization of the menus is particularly innovative and the graphical display options very flexible.

Astrolabe Download Description: The Electric Astrolabe is a fully animated planetarium program in the form of a planispheric astrolabe.

AstroSky Download Description: Planetarium and ephemerides calculation application. Plots 299485 stars and 33789 deepsky objects (Messier, NGC, IC, UGC ...), the Sun, Moon, Planets, Comets and Asteroids.

C2A - Computer Aided Astronomy Download Description: C2A (Computer Aided Astronomy) is a French stellar cartography program which plots detailed views of star fields. The purpose of it is to take into account the major databases available so as to prepare observations of faint fields as well as works in astrometry.

Coelum Download Description: Azimuthal and equatorial planetarium with gnomonic and stereographic projections, visibility of the Moon and Planets. Also produces ephemerides tables.

Coolsky Download Description: CoolSky is a program built entirely in OpenGL technology. It allows to render celestial objects in the highest possible level of realism using techniques derived from high-end graphics and animation. CoolSky provides an excellent way to learn about astronomy.

CyberSky Download Description: CyberSky is an accurate, yet easy-to-use planetarium program that provides an excellent way to learn about astronomy and explore the sky visible in the distant past, the present, and the far-off future.

designerSKY Download Description: designerSKY is a program to show the current constellations of the sky.

Distant Suns 6 SE Download Description: Very complete, this program is a planetarium like evolution, allowing to observe the universe from anywhere in the solar system; also includes a lunar map, ephemeris, a calendar and a wide number of tools.

Earth Centered Universed Download Description: ECU was the program I got more mails of users appalled because I did not mentioned it. Here it is. Currently in version 3.XX, it has been around for a while.

Easysky Download Description: Features: . Multiple Document Interface (MDI) - more than one window simultaneously . Huge database - PPM with 340,000 stars included - GSC with 15 million stars supported - NGC, Messier with more than 13,000 objects . All asteroids (converter for update included) . Comets .

Hallo northern sky Download Description: Competent planetarium. Extremely easy to use, complete with a small SAO star database, comet and asteroid and deep sky databases.

Home Planet Download Description: A multi-functional application, opens with an animation showing the progression of the sunlighten face of the globe and also includes, for instance, an option to visualize the orbit of an extended database of artificial satellites; as well as tools to observe the Earth in real time from the Sun or Moon, and vice-versa; a planetarium, et cetera...

Kagayaki-IV Download Description: Known in Japan as Super Star IV, comes in three flavours: Professional, Navigation and Limited editions. Star data: 530,000 stars from Hipparcos,Tycho2. 18,000,000 stars from GSC (Prof. ed.), Nebulae and Cluster: 10,000 data (Prof. ed.), planets and comets.

LCSTARS Download Description: Basic planetarium with around 29000 objects.

Megastar Download Description: Planetarium like app. For a detailed descriptive and evaluative account read Rod Mollise's article The Return of Megastar: Megastar 5.0 (under the Reviews section )

Mirapla Download Description: Mirapla Sky is designed for learners.

MyStars! 2.7 Download Description: Popular Windows Planetarium program with easy user interface and fast animations.

Nocni obloha Download Description: A Czech language planetarium with a complete set of tools (besides the obvious sky charts capabilities).

Nuit Download Description: Conceived under a philosophy of simplicity allied to efficiency. For when you face the question "how's the sky tonight? Let me take a look..." and choose to do a stress relieving casual observation.

Perseus Download Description: Perseus is a planetarium software, easy to use and with very interesting graphics. The software is a demoware and has some restricions . To see the restrictions check out the homepage. With very realistic graphics, good functionality,easy to use menus, this sofware is one of the best available.

Pocket Stars PC Download Description: Ephemeris, star finder, and celestial navigation tool.

Power Age Sky Simulator Download Description: Full featured planetarium software. It operates with great number of objects and has features as different view types (standard, true, red and B&W), satellites of Jupiter and Saturn and telescope control.

Sky Atlas SkyAtlas Download Description: Sky Atlas - The program is addressed to lovers and hotheads of astronomy and everyone, who wants to know how to identify constellations and other space objects: stars, galaxies, nebulas, planets.

SkyChart III Download Description: SkyChart III, shipping today, gives you 19 million stars, 1 million galaxies, thousands of solar system and deep sky objects, satellite tracking, and computer control for Meade and Celestron telescopes-- all on one CD-ROM for Windows and Macintosh at an unbeatable price.

SkyMap Pro Download Description: The demonstration version of SkyMap Pro 11 is 7.5MB in size, and comprises the program and manual, together with a small database of 15,000 stars (down to magnitude 7) and about 7,000 deep sky objects. It runs entirely from hard disk, occupying 14MB of hard disk space when installed.

SkyORB VR Download Description: SkyORB is a 3D planetarium, star gazing and epheremis, based from engine. It features a modern 3D interface, search engine, a large catalog of stars, planets, moons and updatable comets and asteroids database, and let you choose see the actual sky from any point on Earth or from any planet from the solar system.

StarCalc Download Description: An elegant and fast Russian born planetarium and star mapping program.

StarChartGL Download Description: A 3D star chart for Windows. Uses OpenGL to render the graphics, using real photographs of Messier objects and planets to make the viewing experience much more pleasurable and inspirational.

StarDrive Download Description: StarDrive is an astronomical "virtual planetarium" program and can be used for drawing realistic image of the sky

StarFinder Download Description: StarFinder is a small planisphere program for the beginning stargazer. It displays a whole-sky map of the stars, planets, Moon, Sun, and some deep sky objects for any date/time and lattitude.

Starry Night Backyard Download Description: Application similar to Distant Suns, with a graphical simulation of the sky, namely of the crepuscular gradients, which is probably the best we have ever seen.

Starry Night Digital Download Download Description: The latest version of Starry Night Backyard (also present in this category with version 3.12).

Stars Download Description: Dutch planetarium under development.

Stella Theater Download Description: Japanese planetarium currently named Planetarium Pro, you may get its previous version as shareware without restrictions. In practice, almost only the name changed

Stellaris Download Description: Sideralis is a free sky chart for mobile phones supporting java and MIDP2.0, CLDC1.1.

Stellarium (Windows) Download Description: Stellarium renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time. With Stellarium, you really see what you can see with your eyes, binoculars or a small telescope.

Tachyon for PC and PocketPC Download Description: TachyonNET for PC and Pocket PC .NET is an extremely sophisticated and detailed astronomy software for PCs and handheld devices.

The Milky Way for SkyMap Pro 6 and above Download Description: A failure of SkyMap, in both the demonstration and full versions, is the inability of plotting the Milky Way.

vb-Planetarium Download Description: A new full featured visual basic software that integrates in a coherent way a series of programs previously offered as standalone apps.

Virtual Sky Download Description: Celestial and local horizon (editable) maps; graphics showing the situation of the celestial equator, Jovian and Saturn systems, planetary disks, eclipses, views from the nine planets and day and night zones.

Winstars Download Description: Neat, well organized and full featured program. The basic installation package includes the BSC5 and SAC catalogues (10.000 stars and as many deep sky objects) but you can also Download and use both the Sky2000 and Tycho2.

Astronomica Download Description: planetarium that offers very realistic views of entire sky from any place on the Earth. The main goal of Astronomica is its intuitive and easy-to-use interface that lets quickly navigate within the map, search for celestial bodies and obtain extensive information about them.

Clear Skies Download Description: is a Macintosh shareware program that brings you the night sky on your desktop. It draws a picture of the sky and sets it as the desktop picture.

DeskNite Download Description: display a dynamic, real-time view of the night sky as your desktop wallpaper. You can configure it. It displays more than 3,000 stars, nine planets, the sun, the moon, and Messier and NGC objects in point source and photoplate display styles,etc.

Digital Universe Download Description: is a complete astronomy program for the amateur or professional observer. It combines the advantages of traditional "planetarium" programs with a massive hypertext multimedia encyclopedia to create an effective tool which assists the user in observing and learning about the heavens.

Hipparchus Download Description: HIPPARCHUS is not just another generic "desk top planetarium" program, but a fully integrated software package for positional astronomy. HIPPARCHUS will run on any computer in the Macintosh family.

Night Sky Download Description: is a planetarium for the MacOS.

Observer Download Description: is a planetarium for the MacOS.

Planetarium Gold Download Description: planetarium with 3 billions of stars.

SkyGate Download Description: full function astronomy database and planetarium system.

TheSky Download Description: is an easy-to-use, full-featured, graphical astronomy program that turns your personal computer into a personal planetarium.

Xplns Download Description: reproduces real starry sky on your display. It calculates the position of many celestial objects (stars, galaxies, nebulae, constellations, planets, comets, etc.) very accurately.

Astromist Download Description: very nice Palm OS astronomy tool.

Coeli - Stella 2000 Download Description: planetarium with logbook, telescope control, and encyclopedic reference works.

Encyclopedia Galactica Download Description: planetarium software, explore the moon features, 3D solar system.

FlashSkies Download Description: planetarium.

Planetenprogramm Download Description: Planetarium software, solution to the three body problem, the representation of the star sky and the planets, 3D.

Planetarium Download Description: Displays star charts and other astronomical data on Palmtops.

SkyGlobe Download Description: Planetarium.

SkyObserver Download Description: planetarium

VITO AstroNavigator Download Description: GPS application that displays sky map above you accordingly to your current position, time and direction of movement.

Voyager 4 Download Description: the heavens on your computer from any place on Earth, in the Solar System, or beyond.

KStars Download Description: Planetarium software for the KDE desktop environment, for Unix.

Astronomy Magazine - Star Dome Download Description: program to plan your observing sessions, in Java.

DeepSkyLive Download Description: a free web-based star charting java-applet: draws stars to mag 11.5, can display all NGC objects.

JSkyCalc Download Description: it makes calculations needed by observational astronomers

Mobile Planetarium Download Description: midlet for Java-enabled mobile/cell phones or handheld device that simulates the whole sky.

picoSky Download Description: midlet for Java-enabled mobile/cell phones or handheld device that simulates the whole sky.

Solar System Live Download Description: interactiv solar sistem.

Your Sky Download Description: interactive web-based planetarium.

ASYNX PLANETARIUM Download Description: shows the brightest stars, planets and moon.

Planet Finder Download Description: rudimentary display of the planets for any given date. [Java applet]

Planet Tracker Download Description: classroom-oriented software to teach the concepts of planetary motion.

Personal Sky Chart Download Description: hold the universe to Mag 15 in your hand.

Orrery Download Description: review of the solar system simulator.

Sky Sentinel Planetarium Download Description: planetarium for MacOs.

Alien Sun Download Description: planetarium.

Coelix Download Description: planetarium.

Expert Astronomer Download Description: "planetarium" simulation of the sky. It the least complex, and least expensive of the various packages available. It comes with a manual, and is available in a Windows version.

RIA3D Live Solar System Download Description: planetarium.

SkyPlot Download Description: planetarium.

Starry Download Description: planetarium.

StarScape Download Description: planetarium.

Astronomy for the Palm OS Download Description: planetarium for Palm. Warning: astrological site too!

AstroHTML Download Description: planetarium for Palm.

Astro Info Download Description: Astro Info is an open-source astronomical ephemeris/almanac for PalmOS. It displays some basic information useful to star gazers, such as rise, trans and set times, coordinates, magnitude and phase information for Sun, Moon, the other 8 planets and stars

HPlanetarium Download Description: it is a free astronomy software under the GNU Public License, for HP39, HP40, HP48, HP49 and HP50.

PleiadAtlas Download Description: planetarium for Palm.

Pocket Deepsky 2000 Download Description: planetarium for WinCE. Pocket Deepsky 2 is based on the popular observing software suite, Deepsky Astronomy Software. It runs under the Pocket PC 2000, 2002, or Windows Mobile 2003 1st or 2nd edition operating system.

Pocket Universe Download Description: planetarium for WinCE.

Solun Download Description: planetarium for Psion.

Star Map Download Description: Description: it is a pocket planetarium, using the breath taking technologies of the iPhone. It brings the present and future sky map at the tip of your fingers, at any time, anywhere. Get connected to seasons and astronomical events.

Star Pilot Download Description: planetarium for Palm. A full featured sky-mapping program for the Palm Computing® platform. It has the ability to plot stars, planets, and Messier objects in a standard skymap format.

2sky Download Description: planetarium for Palm.

starPlot DownloadDescription: is a program for Unix that allows you to view charts of the relative 3-dimensional positions of stars in space.

Planetarius Download Description: 3D view of Major and minor planets, Asteroids, Comets, Full Sky Map, Local Sky Map, Ephemerides using VSOP87/ELP82 solutions.

AcruSky Mobile Download Description: Java-planetarium for cell phones.

starstrider Download Description: software planetarium, a virtual space-ship, an advanced 3D star chart, a solar system simulator, and more.

K3Astro Download Description: This is a pocket planetary almanach. It contains many useful data necessary for planning astronomy observation.

PalmDSLR Download Description: is a freeware to control your camera (Canon DSLR) with your PDA. It has been designed for the management of Astronomy Photo but it can be used in any other situation where a timer is required to take a set of photos.

Polaris Download Description: Planetarium for Psion Series5/5mx handhelds. The sky is shown close to natural vision with 26,000 stars up to magnitude 7.5. Multiple databases give access to more than 7700 NGC objects.

MicroSky Download Description: is a planetarium for mobile/cell phones with Java support and a connection to the Internet (preferably GPRS or UMTS). It is a J2ME-Midlet client/server application which can display 2,500,000 stars, 8,000 deep-space objects, the constellations, the planets, the local horizon, and registered comets.

Digital Almanac DownloadDescription: planetarium like app for the Amiga OS.

HPlanétarium Download Description: is a very fast and accurate astronomy program. It supports all the planets apart from Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. You can add many objects thanks to catalogs.

Zaurus Sky Explorer Download Description: is a freeware planetarium in pocket size for all Java enabled devices. It is designed to use so few an amount of memory and cpu time that it can run on very low power devices.

Night Vision Download Description: is a "planetarium" program for Java, and will display the heavens from any location on earth. Viewing options allow the user to control which sky objects to display, which font to use, and manipulation of various star parameters. Time may be set to run at multiple speeds, including backwards. Star charts may be printed.

kAstrHorloge Download Description: software for Linux & KDE. It is provided with a 10000 stars database. For any of these stars or planets, the software can compute its position in the sky of your observation site.

SkEye Download Description: SkEye aims to be an advanced planetarium for Android that utilises this powerful mobile platform to the fullest.

SkyX Download Description: planetarium.

Cosmographia Download Description: a Solar System simulator for the Mac.

SkySafari Pro Download Description: planetarium and telescope control, huge database for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Star Walk Download Description: It's a planetarium, can show you the area you are pointing your device as long as you have GPS, and offers some news and basic Solar System data. For iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Sky Master Download Description: planetarium for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Solar Walk Download Description: Solar System simulator, for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

iCSC Download Description: the Clear Sky Chart for IOS, for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

GoSkyWatch Download Description: planetarium software that uses GPS, for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

SkyQ Download Description: planetarium app by Celestron. Also includes planet rise and set times, Moon phases and the positions of the major moons of Saturn and Jupiter, for iPhone/iPod/iPad.


SETI Net Clock Server Download Description: Originally created by SETI.NET users ClockServer displays local, GMT and sideral time.

SETIFOX Download Description: Originally written for SETI LEAGUE members, SETIFOX is a multifaceted program suite designed for advanced amateur radio astronomers.

M-Analyzer Download Description: Radio meteor observation software geared for soundcard and SSB receivers.

SETI@home Download Description: You can participate by running a program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data.

ASeti Download Description: a Python script to keep track of the SETI@home client's progress.

PHP SETI@home Download Description: PHP script to monitor single or multiple setiathome programs running in your workstation or server, via the local web server.

SetiDockling Download Description: monitors the work of clients in Mac OSX.

eXsas Download Description: or the spatial, spectral and timing analysis of X-ray astronomy data.

GILDAS Download Description: a collection of applications oriented towards radio astronomy.

PROS Download Description: a multi-mission X-ray analysis software system.

XANADU Download Description: a system for the analysis and reduction of data in X-ray astronomy.

Diffraction International Download Description: interferometry software for data acquisition, analysis, evaluation and simulation. Support of many interferometer hardware.

R_Meteor Download Description: permette l'analisi radio di tracce meteoriche.

Radioastronomy of Pulsars Download Description: The software for this exercise presents students with a radio telescope Whose default operating characteristics (beam width, receiver noise, steerability) can not be set by the instructor.

Meteor Download Description: it is free software specialized in the detection and recording of radio echoes produced by the ionized trail of meteors (shooting star) in their back atmosphere.

Colorgramme Download Description: it is free software specialized in the detection and recording of radio echoes produced by the ionized trail of meteors (shooting star) in their back atmosphere.

BaAlien Download Description: application that allows access to your current personal and project statistics of the Search for Extra-Terrestial Intelligence (SETI) radio signal processing project. Users also can access statistics for the previous 24 hours or the entire length of the project.


SatSpy Download Description: Surely, and by far, the best of the satellite tracking programs presented here. We will not even try to describe it, since its great.

Heavensat Download Description: Heavensat - program for visual observing of artificial satellites.

ObsReduce Download Description: A program that reduces observations of satellites relative to the background stars into their precise coordinates.

Sat_Explorer Download Description: Software for satellite users.

OpenSatellite Download Description: Satellite tracking program. The main features are:

Element Manager Download Description: Designed to manipulate NASA/NORAD "two line elements".

Footprint - satellite tracker Download Description: Some of the features are:Satellites can now be added to and deleted from the selector buttons using single-click routines from the menu-bar.

Reentry Download Description: Computation of the atmosphere entrance of space vehicles. You can use this program for many purposes, e.g. to simulate the '"death spiral" of the space station MIR, the return of an Apollo space cap from the Moon or the entrance of meteorites into Mars.

Satcal Download Description: Program for the forecast of satellite visibility.

Satbuster Download Description: Program designed for satellite visual observers and trackers...

Predict Download Description: PREDICT provides real-time satellite tracking and orbital prediction information to users and client applications in a variety of ways: Through the system console; Through the command line; Through a network socket; Through the generation of audio speech.

Nova Download Description: Nova for Windows has become the most popular Windows-based satellite tracking program in the world.

AstroSat32 Download Description: The program computes star maps with 15639 stars (to mag. 7,0), with 50 star clusters and nebulas visible with the naked eye, the five brightens planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn), the moon and the sun, a comet and up to 10000 earth satellites.

Satscape Download Description: Produces real-time displays of where any Satellite is, and predicts passes for your locale. You don't have to use or have access to the satellites, as it will even predict when the 150 'Brightest' satellites pass over, so you can SEE them.

Satellite Tracker Download Description: Satellite Tracker is a program which calculates satellite positions using NORAD SGP4/SDP4 orbital models.

Orbit Download Description: Visual satellite tracking program for Windows.

WXtrackGL Download Description: Imagine that you are flying in space, looking down upon the Earth

WXtrack Download Description: WXtrack predicts the ground tracks of satellites on the earth, and the images produced by weather satellites when scanning the ground. It has special modes for tracking the ISS, and can drive a number of hardware trackers to make your antenna follow the primary satellite.

WinOrbit Download Description: WinOrbit is a program for computing artificial Earth-satellite position and visibility, with the Amateur Radio satellite operator in mind.

TrakSat Download Description: Traces an extensive database of artificial satellites.

GPS Download Description: Great graphics if you just want to see how satellites orbit the Earth and watch things from "up there", but it misses a few basic functions for ground pass predictions.

Orbitron Download Description: Orbitron will localize the position of satellites for a given period.

STS Orbit Plus Download Description: Allows you to follow the position of the space shuttle and of an extended artificial satellites database across the globe and to calculate their visible passes over your location. Explore the several types of map projection and satellite tracking - press F1 for help while on a map.

J-Track Download Description: Java applet that tracks Hubble, UARS and COBE.

SAT EXPLORER Download Description: provides satellite visibility forecasts.

AcuSat Download Description: pplication used to align satellite dishes to geostationary satellites.

AGI Download Description: Analysis Software for Land, Sea, Air, and Space.

GLsat Download Description: satellite tracking and visualization utility,calculates current position and displays position around the Earth.

Gpredict Download Description: program that can track a large number of satellites, display the satellite data in lists and/or show the satellites on maps.

NLSA Download Description: program with real time tracking of an unlimited number of satellites.

PocketSat Download Description: software for PalmPilot with documentation.

TrackingSat Download Description: program useful to assist satellite professionals, operators and domestic users that need to install an antenna and align it with the satellites in orbit.

Bird Dog Download Description: is a satellite tracking program.

Orbit Tools Download Description: contains an implementation of the NORAD SGP4/SDP4 algorithms packaged as a.NET assembly.

Passfinder Download Description: Java version of the SGP4 portion of this code.

Pass Scheduler Download Description: is a program which will allow the you to automatically generate schedules of satellite passes from a set of pre-selected files of observation sites and NORAD two-line orbital element sets.

Pass Update Download Description: Program used with Pass Scheduler. Program permits fully automatic processing of all of your.TLE files without prompting.

TrakStar Download Description: highly-accurate ephemerides providing Earth-centered inertial (ECI) coordinates, satellite subpoint (latitude, longitude, and altitude for nonspherical earth), look angles (azimuth, elevation, range, and range rate), and right ascension and declination.

LogSat Download Description: LogSat Professional for Windows is the ultimate choice of satellite tracking software for the serious hobbyist. LogSat Professional v5.2 is a revolutionary satellite tracking program running under the Windows operating system.

Vec2Tle Download Description: VEC2TLE Computes AMSAT Keplerian or Space Command / NASA Two-Line Elements from a variety of different coordinate frames and units.

WinTrak Download Description: WinTrak Pro tracks orbiting satellites including the Moon, Sun, and Stars. The program can continually update the screen with the current positions of multiple satellites and tracking stations.

IridFlar Download Description: compute the Iridium flares.

PC-Track Download Description: is a simple but sophisticated means of tracking earth orbiting satellites. PC-TRACK is capable of tracking up to 300 satellites simultaneously in 3D or on a flat mercator projection!

ORBITEL Download Description: program that will filter satellite element files. The program can format convert, error check, sorting, and many other useful functions.

IridiumFlares Download Description: predicts the flares produced by the constellation of communication satellites known as Iridium.

Satellitarium Download Description: is a graphical application that predicts the position of artificial satellites and displays them against the sky background. Satellitarium computes high precision positions by using the standard SGP4/SDP4 satellite motion models.

BaSatellite Download Description: a palm application that locates and predicts the location of the Global Positioning System(GPS) satellites. Information is retrieved from the U.S. Navy's Naval Air Warfare Centers Weapons Division GPS/INS branch.

Earth Orbit Objects Download Description: predict satellite passes for your local area. Views are displayed using 3 modes Earth, globe and sky. Additionally, Iridium flare track predictions can be exported to and seen in Google Earth.


Planet Phase Download Description: Planet Phase draws the planets positions and the phases of planets.

vb-SunSystem Download Description: 2D and 3D solar system orrery.

SimSolar Download Description: SimSolar is a solar system simulator (orrery) suitable for classroom or personal use

OrbPlan Download Description: An application that calculates the polar coordinates of the different planets of the Solar System in their orbits and shows a window with a graphic simulation of the planetary movement. The results are exportable (.html, .csv and .txt); an Help File (English and Portuguese) is included.

Planet's Orbits Download Description: According to the author, this is an accurate digital orrery with a wealth of functionality.

Open universe Download Description: Realtime Solar System Simulator, simulates the major planets and moons in 3D on your computer

Sun And Moon Times Download Description: Mobile phone software to calculate the rise and set times for the Sun and Moon and the Moon phase.

gkrellsun Download Description: is a plugin for GKrellM which can display Sun's setting time,Sun's rising time,Sun's estimate time before setting/rising,Sun's path and current location on that path,Sun's apogee path.

Mobile Jupiter Download Description: is a J2ME application to plot the relative positions of the galilean moons of Jupiter in a cellphone using Java. Also show the shadow of the moons over Jupiter''s disk. Zoom in and out, screen rotation, screen orientation and time manipulation controls are provided.

StarParty Download Description: database of deepsky objects and stars, most of which are visible in a small to medium sized telescopes. Observers with Celestron Nexstar telescopes with Go-To capabilities can use StarParty to automatically slew to a desired object.

Solar System -The Photographic Journey Download Description: image gallery of objects in our Solar System,for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

3D Sun Download Description: view 3D images of our Sun and receive alerts of real time Solar data such as sunspot activity and Solar storms, for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Solar Monitor Download Description: an app that displays current Solar "weather" and offers a forecast of Solar Winds for those who love to watch the Aurora, for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Galaxy Zoo Download Description: have you heard of the SETI@Home screensaver? In the same vein, this allows the user to view images of very distant galaxies from the Hubble Deep Field (HDF) and assist in identifying galaxy type through a step-by-step category, for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

iNEO Download Description: a list of asteroids closest to Earth,for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Nebulae Download Description: an image gallery of nebula, for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

Our Solar System Download Description: an image gallery of Solar System images, for iPhone/iPod/iPad.


R.S.A. - Relógio de Sol Analêmico Download Description: This is a software that makes the necessary calculations for the construction of a Analemic Sundial. Besides making the calculations, the software still possesses a section with theoretical contents.

L'équation du temps Download Description: Lets you know the exact value of the equation of time for any day of the year.

Sonnenuhr Download Description: These .xls files take spreadsheets to a new level, allowing one to draw sundials with amazing graphics.

SUNDI - Sundial Design Download Description: Easy design and plan of the most popular dials, including equation of time and analemma calculations, location data base with over 500 cities world wide, many export features like saving tabular data to MS-Excel, saving all graphics as BMP, GIF, TIF, JPG, WMF, a lot of customizing features of dial plates.

Shadows Download Description: Have you ever tried to build a sundial? This program lets you choose among many different types of sundial, does the calculations and prints the plans according to the size you specify.

Analemma Download Description: Displays a full year of solar visibility. Includes sunrise/sunset, equinoxes/solstices and dates of earliest/latest sunrises/sunsets.

Sundial Download Description: Sundial Design Software.


ATMOS Download Description: ATMOS stands for Amateur Telescope Maker Optical design and analysis Software. A program for analyzing optical centered systems up to 20 surfaces (spheres, conics and High-Orders) and for fast designing of about 30 telescope configurations.

DiagonalCalc Download Description: Calculates parameters related to the size and placement of the diagonal mirror of a newtonian telescope.

TeleCalc Download Description: Designed to show you all the calculations of your telescope (magnification, f/ratio, aperture gain, exit pupil, Dawes limit...).

Scope Calculator (Windows) Download Description: Scope Calculator helps you calculate and compare the magnification, field of view, and exit pupil of up to seven eyepieces when used with a given telescope.

PEAS Download Description: PEAS stands for Periodic Error Analyzing Software, its purpose is to evaluate, judge and analyze the periodic errors of equatorial mounts.

Telescope Optical Parameters Calculator Download Description: A simple utility to calculate various telescope characteristics both related with the theoretical performance (given the aperture and f/ratio values) and eyepieces:

myNewton Download Description: A program which, step-by-step, component by component, will guide you trough the calculations required during the process of planning the construction of a Newtonian telescope.

LX200 Control Panel Download Description: This is a program for remotely controlling Meade LX200 instruments via the RS232 interface from your desktop or laptop computer, with complete telescope real-time control functions.

Newton application Download Description: Appropriated for Newtonian telescopes basic optical parameters computing.

Cassegrain application Download Description: Appropriated for Cassegrain telescopes basic optical parameters computing.

LX200 Download Description: Allows the control of telescopes of the LX200 series using the serial port.

NexRemote Download Description: hcAnywhere is the Celestron NexStar series hand controller in a software form.

ObsDesk Download Description: This program was designed to control telescopes with LX200 interfaces. Special features include: tracking a comet and Auto Start/Stop.

CORO Download Description: Program for assisting the conception of the optics needed for building a coronagraph (a telescope that artificially simulates a total eclipse of the Sun so that the corona and prominences may be observed), and for calculation of solar ephemeris.

Diamap and Focale Download Description: Diamap calculates the apparent diameter of an object according to the focal distance of the telescope and the eyepiece you are using. It plots/compares the apparent diameter against the actual FOV of the eyepiece.

Correct Download Description: Optical simulation program developed for the design and construction of field correctors, eyepieces and other dioptric devices for Newtonian telescopes.

RTGUI Download Description: Real-Time Interactive Windows Software, is a real-time 32-bit program for observers that gives continuously-updated, highly accurate information about celestial objects.

Astro.xls Download Description: Astronomy spreadsheet for a variety of useful and interesting information:

T-Calc Download Description: Telescope data calculator.

ATC - Advanced Telescope Control and Auto Center Download Description: Features include: Total control of the telescope.

JODAS Download Description: JODAS stands for Java Optical Design and Analysis Software

MODAS Download Description: MODAS stands for Modern Optical Design and Analysis Software.

OSLO EDU Download Description: Optical design program. OSLO is used by scientists and engineers to design lenses, reflectors, optical instruments, laser collimators, and illumination systems.

Newt Download Description: Assists the design of Newtonian telescopes.

TelOptiCulator Download Description: Input a certain amount of data (focal length, aperture, eyepiece...) and the program calculates the magnification; focal ratio; true field of view; maximum amplification power and theoretical resolution of a telescope.

Astro Download Description: the owners of instruments on mounting altazimutale, and eager to facilitate the search for various objects, while appreciating the "semi-automatic" pointing.

AutomaDome - Dome Control Software Download Description: is an application that integrates with TheSky Astronomy Software to control robotic domes to keep the dome's slit synchronized with the telescope's optic.

AutoStar Download Description: Autostar Computer Controller is used with the newly re-engineered ETX-90EC Astro Telescope and you're ready for an incredible array of LX200-type capabilities. Autostar is your palmtop guide to astronomy, replacing the standard-equipment Electronic Controller shipped with the ETX-90EC.

Best Pair Download Description: It is designed to select the "best" pair of alignment stars for performing a 2-star alignment of a Meade LX200 telescope (or any Meade telescope that uses the AutoStar computer controller) in Alt-Azimuth mode.

Connections - Canopus and Asteroid Viewing Guide Download Description: Connections is a scripting program that controls LX-200 compatible mounts and CCD cameras: most SBIG, Apogee AP, and Finger Lakes Instrumentation. One can set the scope and camera to work, automatically taking dozens of images a night while doing other things, including sleep.

Meade Epoch 2000sk Download Description: Epoch 2000 resolves two basic astronomical issues: (a) Epoch 2000sk sky software presents on the display of a personal computer an incredibly detailed simulation of the entire celestial sphere; (b) Epoch 2000ip image processing software.

MaxPoint Download Description: A frequent problem with GOTO telescopes is that they retain pointing accuracy only over a small area of the sky where you're working. As a result, your intended target is often entirely out of the field of view of your CCD camera. MaxPoint is designed to solve this problem through mount modelling.

Optimax Download Description: The Newtonian Telescope Designer's Program for Selecting and Evaluating Optical Component Such as Mirrors, Diagonals, and Eyepieces. Optimax is a compiled program intended to assist amateur telescope makers and observers with the design and evaluation of their telescopes.

PC-TCS Download Description: Telescope control software.

Bentec Services Limited Download Description: software for hyperaspherical optical design.

Meade Astronomical Software Download Description: Telescope control software.

NexStar Download Description: freeware allowing PC control of all models of NexStar telescopes.

OpTiX Download Description: optical design software.

StarTrak Download Description: software and database to guide a Dobsonian telescope (or any telescope with altazimuth mount).

TPoint Download Description: Telescope pointing analysis software.

TachyonNET Download Description: A complete astronomical package for amateurs. It includes Meade Telescope Control.

OSLT Download Description: An optical raytrace program. Can be used to design telescopes or other optical instruments.

WINSPOT Download Description: a ray-tracing program for tilted component telescope design. Mirror designs only

NEWT Download Description: it is a newtonian telescope design program. It ray traces the telescope checking for vignetting, optimizes diagonal size, calculates baffle size and position and mor.

RONCHI Download Description: generates images that show the effects of several types of aberrations (distortions) that influence the quality of a telescopes performance.

FOUCAULT Download Description: it gives the shape of the mirror and the zones to be polished. All the measures are saved and can be seen at any time in a worksheet to find the good way to polish.

POLAR FINDER Download Description: creates star charts to help align your telescope to the north celestial pole..

WINLENS Download Description: Optical Design Software.

SURFACE PROFILER Download Description: For Amateur Telescope Makers who grind, polish and figure their own precision optics, and who use the Foucault Knife Edge Test in the process, as a way of gauging the surface's conformity to a desired concave shape - usually a parabaloid or a spheroid.

DIAGONAL CALCULATOR Download Description: calculates proper diagonal size for a telescope..

PREDESIGNER Download Description: to assess & illustrate the key paraxial parameters for an imaging system.

ATM FOUCAULT TEST Download Description: With the help of the Foucault Knife Edge Test, guages the surface's conformity to a desired concave shape - usually a paraboloid or a spheroid.

Cell Download Description: mirror cell design program for 9, 18, and 27 point flotation cells.

ABCD Laser Beam Propagation Software Download Description: a Macintosh-based program for propagating Gaussian laser beams through various optical elements or calculating eigenmodes of simple resonators.

Bentec Multiplexed Hyperaspheric Optical Surfaces Download Description: optical software (aspheric/hyperaspheric), designs and manufactures aspheric polymer optics. Non-spherical wavefront transformation lenses are designed to specification.

Curve fitting software Download Description: is a curve fitting software for the Windows operating system that has been developed to facilitate spectroscopic modelling and data exchange.

C2V Download Description: software for simulation and design of integrated optics components. Offers full-vectorial (bend) mode solvers, beam propagation software, waveguide mask design software , thermo-optic and stress-induced birefringence simulations.

Diffractive Optics Design Download Description: owerful and versatile softaware for diffractive optics design.

HOLOOR Download Description: a software for design, masks generation and performance modeling of diffractive optical elements./p>

Optics Lab Download Description: optical raytracing software for optical design and analysis.

OPTIS Download Description: optical design and analysis software. CAD software for light simulation.

ZEMAX Download Description: software for all aspects of optical system design.

Maxdome Download Description: is a fully automatic observatory dome control system. Link your dome to a Windows-based personal computer for complete automation including telescope slaving and shutter control.

MTSCa Download Description: is a Windows program offering remote PC control of the MTS-3SDI controller. The main idea is to provide manual remote control, GOTO, PEC training, autoguiding and solar system tracking.

PalmDSC Download Description: Digital Setting Circle program for PalmOS.

RXPec Download Description: is a small utility program that simply reads alignment information from a selected Registax project file and writes a "comma separated values" (.csv) file that MS Excel can use.This makes it very easy to produce a graph showing the periodic error and declination drift in a particular recording processed by Registax.

The eyepiece Calculator (TEC) Download Description: the aspects of your scope that change based upon the eyepiece you are using.

TOptalix Download Description: OpTaliX is a powerful and comprehensive program for computer aided design of optical systems, thin film multilayer coatings and illumination systems. OpTaliX provides powerful features to conceptualize, design, optimize, analyze, tolerance and document virtually any optical system.

LensView Download Description: database for optic.

Diffraction Grating Download Description: Make your own diffraction grating.

PhD Guiding Download Description: powerful, intelligent auto-guiding of your telescope for both PCs and Macs. Connect your mount, your camera, select a star, and start guiding.

ScopeCalc Download Description: a calculator to compute some of the necessary information when purchasing an eyepiece or telescope: the scopes aperture in mm,the focal length,the max power,the min power,the resolving power,the exit pupil for an eyepiece,the power for an eyepiece,the actual field of view for an eyepiece.

PoleAlignMax Download Description: software to assist your computer control telescope to point to the north.

AutoStakkert! 2 Download Description: it is all about alignment and stacking of image sequences. It’s goal is to create high quality images of the Planets, the Sun, and the Moon, without too much hassle. In theory it can also work on recordings of other targets, although you might need to pre-process your recordings.


WTides Download Description: WTides is a free program that uses harmonics data to predict tide heights at many locations throughout the World, and displays a graph of the results according to the time zone of the target location.

JTides Download Description: JTides is an accurate, easy-to-use tide and current prediction program.

WXTide32 Download Description: WXTide32 is a free 32-bit Windows (9x/NT/2k/ME/XP) program for predicting tides from 1970 to 2038.


Sun Times Download Description: Designed to be a map-based viewer showing both sunrise/sunset times and whether it's night or day at various worldwide locations

Satk Download Description: Satk (Satellite Assisted Time Keeper) is a software which displays accurate information of Universal Time & Positions (longitude, latitude) by utilizing a GPS receiver via RS-232C serial port.

Calendrier perpétuel Download Description: Perpetual calendar

Mini-sunclock Download Description: Small utility that plots in real time a choice of 14 miniaturized Earth maps in two dimensions, including the progression of the sun lighten area and the longitude the Sun is currently transiting.

Time Memo Download Description: Time Memo is a software to periodically control the time offset between your computer and a NTP server and eventually adjust the computer clock.

Altair Download Description: Altair is an astronomy calculator for Window

Astronomer's Digital Clock (ADC) Download Description: Great tool, geared to time counting,

World Time Download Description: Program entirely devoted to time counting.

Sky-calendar DownloadDescription: This program opens with a bar-chart representation of the days of the month from top to bottom, with a graphic of each day from day to night to day. As you pass the mouse around the screen, events like the passage of the moon, planets, etc. track along the day bar and up and down the month graph

Maxclock Download Description: is a high-precision digital astronomical clock. It displays the following data on your computer screen: Civil date & time, day number in the year; Julian date and modified Julian date both in terms of ephemeris time ET (TT) and universal time UT1; Delta-T, the difference between ET and UT1; etc.

AllDay Download Description: can compute any day of year for any year in the julian, gregorian, jewish and islamic calendar system. It displays an overview of a year with anything that is known from 'normal' calendars like number of day in year, week number or julian date.

AstroCal Download Description: STROCAL produces yearly astronomical calendars, for any given year, and provides the following information in on a day-by-day basis. Lunar Aspect Graphic (for 0h U.T.), the lunar elongation angle (measured eastward from the sun), ephemerides

AstroClk Download Description: an astronomical clock and celestial tracking program with navigation features. It is a DOS-based program to display a variety of time and date formats such as local, UTC, Solar, Sidereal, and GPS time scales.

MJD Calculator Download Description: is a simple, GUI based tool for converting between Gregorian (everyday) date and time format, Modified Julian Date and time, and unix date and time.

Sidereal Clock Download Description: sidereal time calculator.

The Fourth Day Download Description: is an astronomical clock and almanac for your system tray. An accurate 3D simulation of the Earth as lit by the sun is presented.

Astro Timer PPC Download Description: Pocket PC Software designed for recording the timings of lunar grazings, occultations, transits, meteor showers and any other astronomical observation.

Dimension 4 Download Description: time synchronization utility.

Space Weather Applications Download Description: Graphs of current space weather data, interactive map of the Sun.

Julian Date Download Description: JavaScript Application

CalMaster2000 Download Description: dates, holidays, astronomical info, calendar conversions.

Calendar software Download Description: program which creates sundials and calendars, see the dates and names of the year's moons, and calculate Easter.

Startime Download Description: personal time and calendar program that provides astronomical data.

GeoClock Download Description: sunlight clock with world times and sun and moon positions and coverage.

Kairos General Calendar Conversion Download Description: calendars required by historians of astronomy and general historians. Many details are provided for Indian and Jewish calendars and much besides. There is also a display of positions of the Sun, Moon and planets.

v-Clock Download Description: a small tool to display current vedic date and time parameters along with panchanga details and planetary positions, developed using swiss ephemeris library.

Easterday Download Description: calculates the date of Easter Sunday for any year of the Gregorian calendar Day.

Date Converter Download Description: Date/Time Conversion Utility.

Sunycle Download Description: is a calendar showing the sunrise and sunset time for a latitude/longitude and timezone.

AstroClock Download Description: AstroClock gives you 7 Date/Time Clocks all in one window,displays the current Local & UTC Date & Time, a Calendar, Local & Greenwich Sidereal Times, and the Julian Day. The tabbed displays (which can be hidden) also include information for the current Sun, Moon, Eclipses, Planets.

BaTime Download Description: retrieve the official time of the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and United States. Access the official clock at the time service department of the U.S Naval Observatory in Washington D.C.

RA Clock utility Download Description: RA Clock is a PalmOS application to assist the use of the Right Ascension (RA) setting circle mainly on equatorial mounts (e.g. EQ2) without a clock drive. The RA Clock application maintains an internal sideral clock to eliminate the need of frequent re-calibration of the RA setting circle during an observing session.

Cosmic Clock Download Description: an app for Julian Date and Swatch Internet Time (beat time), for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

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