Are listed all lunar eclipses on 29 February, from the year 0 to 3000.

            Maximum    Saros          Pen.   Umb. S.D. S.D.
    Date            Type #    Gamma   Mag.   Mag. Par  Tot

 0378/02/28  23:35   N   58  -1.171  0.780 -0.330   -    -
 0416/02/28  20:47   T-  78   0.217  2.493  1.457 109m  45m
 1420/02/29  13:16   P   94  -0.921  1.201  0.166  46m   -
 1504/03/01  00:42   T  105   0.406  2.156  1.100 103m  24m
 2268/02/29  03:26   T+ 137  -0.115  2.661  1.665 106m  48m
 2640/02/29  10:34   T  143   0.335  2.264  1.255 102m  35m

Date       Calendar Date (Gregorian) at instant of
           Greatest Eclipse.
           (Julian calendar is used before 1582 Oct 15).

Greatest   Universal Time (UT) of Greatest Eclipse, which is
Eclipse    defined as the instant when Moon passes closest
           to the axis of Earth's shadows.

Type       Type of lunar eclipse where:
               N = Penumbral Eclipse.
               P = Partial (Umbral) Eclipse.
               T = Total (Umbral) Eclipse.
                   (Tc = central total eclipse)
           If the Type ends with:
               "m" = Middle eclipse of Saros series.
               "+" = Central eclipse (Moon north of axis).
               "-" = Central eclipse (Moon south of axis).
               "b" = Saros series begins (first eclipse in series).
               "e" = Saros series ends (last eclipse in series).

Saros      Saros series of eclipse.
             (Each eclipse in a Saros is separated by an interval
              of 18 years 11.3 days.)

Gamma      Distance of the Moon from the axis of Earth's
             shadow cone (units of equatorial radii) at the
             instant of greatest eclipse.

Pen.       Penumbral eclipse magnitude is the fraction of
Mag.       the Moon's diameter obscured by the penumbra.

Umb.       Umbral eclipse magnitude is the fraction of
Mag.       the Moon's diameter obscured by the umbra.

S.D.       Semi-duration of partial (umbral) eclipse (minutes).

S.D.       Semi-duration of total (umbral) eclipse (minutes).

Data from Nasa (C)

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